Is Legit Or A Big Scam? Review

Is Legit or a Scam?

Online shopping can be convenient, but you must ensure the website you’re buying from is trustworthy. Recently, I came across the website selling home appliances at meager prices. This naturally made me wonder whether is legit or a scam.

I decided to investigate further to find out. Here’s what I discovered:

Lack of Company Information

The first red flag was that has no About Us page or background information on who owns or runs this website. Legitimate businesses should provide basic company details like their physical address, history, and contact info of owners/staff. The complete lack of an about us page is very suspicious.

Website Design Issues

I also immediately noticed that the website has a generic design similar to many scam websites. Spelling errors, strange phrasing, and other sloppy elements suggest poor website creation. Legit e-commerce stores tend to have polished, professionally designed sites – this one looks amateurish.

No Evidence of Physical Operations

My research uncovered no evidence that has any real-world physical business operations. No store locations, warehouses, or offices could be found for this company. This lack of a verifiable physical presence is a major red flag.

No Social Media Presence

I checked for any social media accounts associated with and came up empty. With no Facebook page, Twitter account, or other social profiles, this business has zero online presence outside of its website. An honest company commonly promotes itself via social media channels to build brand awareness.

Too-Good-To-Be-True Pricing

The prices for home appliances on seem unrealistically low, like 50-70% off retail prices. Appliances are expensive products, so massive discounts like this are highly suspect. Scam websites often advertise absurdly low prices to attract customers.

Free Shipping on All Orders offers free shipping on every order, regardless of size or destination. Free global shipping on big, heavy appliances from a no-name website again seems too good to be true. This tactic is used to lure in more customers.

No Customer Reviews

There are no customer reviews or ratings anywhere on the site. Every legitimate online seller will have testimonials from past buyers, but this site has zero feedback. This lack of reviews is a big red flag.

No Secure Checkout Process

Finally, when I checked out, I found no HTTPS secure checkout. The checkout process seems to transmit data over unsecured HTTP only. No legitimate retailer would use such an insecure system in 2023.

So, in summary, here are all the red flags indicating that is likely an untrustworthy scam site:

  • No company information or about us page
  • Amateurish website design
  • No evidence of physical operations
  • No social media presence
  • Unrealistically low prices
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • No customer reviews at all
  • Insecure HTTP checkout only

The Verdict

Considering all the above red flags, I would conclude that is almost certainly not a legitimate retailer and is likely a scam website. The lack of essential transparency and false bargains they advertise seems intentionally deceptive.

I would strongly recommend avoiding any purchases from to ensure you don’t get scammed. Don’t input any sensitive personal or payment data on their site. There are many more trustworthy appliance retailers to buy from online. Stay vigilant and protect yourself from places like this that appear too good to be true. exhibits multiple signs of being a scam and should be avoided for appliance purchases. Check seller reputations carefully before handing over your money online. I hope this outline of my research helps you stay informed and safe when shopping on the Internet!

frequently asked questions

Is located in the United States?

No, there is no evidence that is located or operated in the United States. The website provides no address, location details, or other information about its location. This lack of physical presence is a red flag.

Does have good reviews online?

I could not find any reviews for from impartial sources. There are no reviews on the website itself or independent consumer sites. The complete lack of reviews for this retailer is suspicious.

Does offer safe payment methods?

No, only uses unsecured HTTP rather than encrypted HTTPS for checkout. This means your payment details could be at risk. Safe e-commerce sites use complete HTTPS security during checkout.

Is customer service helpful if there are issues?

There is no evidence of having any customer service operation. No phone number, email, live chat, or other customer support is provided on their website. This lack of support is a red flag.

Will refund me if I am not satisfied?

The website provides no information about return policies, refunds, or exchanges. Regular businesses explain their policies, but the lack of policies posted on is suspicious.

Can be trusted based on its website content?

No, cannot be considered trustworthy. The website contains many grammar and spelling errors, product descriptions are dubious, and policies around shipping and transactions are unclear. These are signs of a scam site.

Is an ethical company based on available information?

With no transparency about who owns or evidence of actual commercial activity, there are too many ethical red flags to consider them a responsible company. They do not appear to operate ethically.

Should I avoid shopping on

It is best to avoid entirely until more information confirms they operate a legitimate business. At this time, all signs point to it being a scam website that should not be trusted.

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