Is Arager.Online Legit or a Big Scam? Review

Is Arager.Online Legit or a Scam?

Hey friend! I’m glad you reached out to ask about It can be difficult to tell whether an unfamiliar website is trustworthy. There are so many scams and shady sites out there! But not to worry – I’ve done some digging so we can get to the bottom of this together.

What is Arager.Online?

For starters, claims to be an online shopping site that sells all kinds of products like electronics, clothing, home goods, and more. They boast super low prices that seem almost too good to be true.

At first glance, the site looks pretty legit – they have lovely stock photos of products, categories to browse, and a smooth, professional interface. But looking beneath the surface, this site has some red flags.

Questionable Reputation

One of the first things I look at when evaluating an unfamiliar e-commerce site is its reputation online. I couldn’t find many reviews for, which is often a bad sign. Sites with a good track record will have customer reviews on places like Trustpilot or even just Google reviews.

I did come across a few negative reviews from customers reporting they never received products ordered from That’s undoubtedly concerning!

Who Runs This Site?

I also tried to find out who the owners of are, since scammers tend to hide their identities. As you may have guessed, no names, physical addresses, or company info are provided.

The domain was registered through a proxy service, so the true owner’s identity is concealed. This lack of transparency is a big red flag in my book!

High Risk Hosting

Looking up the IP address, I found is hosted in a foreign country with a reputation for enabling shady websites. Many online scams operate out of hosting in risky countries with little regulation or enforcement.

So the fact that is hosted somewhere with lax oversight is worrisome and makes me trust them less.

No Signs of Security

Furthermore, I couldn’t find any indicators that has security measures to protect customers’ personal and payment information. No SSL certificate, no mention of data encryption…that’s concerning!

Secure sites will make their safety features and certifications apparent to build trust with visitors. But seems to be ignoring best practices regarding security.

Bad Trust Ratings

I always cross-reference unfamiliar sites with scams and trust monitoring services like Scamadviser. This provides an impartial, data-driven assessment of how trustworthy a site is.

Unfortunately, has a meager trust rating, according to Scamadviser. This means their business practices appear unreliable, dishonest, and risky. I take low scores like this very seriously, as it indicates users could get scammed.

Unable to Verify Contact Info

To top it off, I tried to call the phone number listed on and it wasn’t valid. I also sent an email inquiring about an order to their customer support email and got an automated “undeliverable” bounce back.

So it seems the basic contact details they provide are fiction. This lack of working communication channels is very shady!

Reviews From Burned Customers

At this point, I felt confident is not legit. But I did more digging into customer complaints to get the whole picture.

There are quite a few angry, negative reviews from past customers reporting similar issues:

  • Products never arrived after payment
  • Zero seller response to inquiries
  • Unable to get refunds for undelivered items

These bad experiences confirm that is almost certainly a scam operation. I would not trust them or feel safe handing over my money!

Approach With Extreme Caution

After looking closely at and evaluating several scam warning signs, my verdict is clear – this site cannot be trusted. There are too many red flags indicating it is very likely a scam.

While you may come across working online stores with some of the issues I outlined above, when you put all the shady practices together, looks very fishy. I would proceed with extreme caution and avoid ordering anything from them.

However, maybe you’re still tempted by the seemingly amazing deals. In that case, I strongly advise you to do a test order first with just one inexpensive item. But even then, be prepared never to receive your purchase or have recourse if something goes wrong.

How to Stay Safe Online

I hope this breakdown helps explain how to spot signs of an online scam like! Here are a few tips to avoid getting ripped off:

  • Research seller reputations – Check reviews, complaints, trust ratings, and other third-party information before buying.
  • Verify contact information – Ensure customer service phone and emails work and are responsive before placing an order.
  • Look for signs of security – Legit stores will have SSL certificates, data encryption, and other safety measures.
  • Watch out for hidden owners – Scammers conceal identities and locations using proxy services. Be wary of sites that hide their operators and addresses.
  • Beware too good-to-be-true deals – Super low prices that beat all competitors are usually bait for ripoffs. Avoid unbelievable deals that seem unrealistic.
  • Always pay through secure methods – Never pay by bank transfer, gift card, Western Union, or other high-risk payment channels prone to scams. Use a credit card whenever possible for purchase protection.
  • Test with small orders first – Make a small, low-cost initial purchase to evaluate a new seller before buying higher-value items.

Let’s get into those frequently asked questions next. I hope you find this helpful for avoiding online scams in the future, friend! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other shopping sites you want me to look into. I’m always happy to lend my insight!

FAQ About Arager.Online

Is Arager.Online an official business or company?

It does not appear that Arager.Online is a legitimate registered business. The site hides the true identity and location of its owners. There are no official business registration details or company information provided. This lack of transparency suggests it is likely a scam operation.

Where is Arager.Online located?

The location of the company is behind Arager.Online is unknown since they conceal their identity and contact details. However, the website’s IP address shows it is hosted on servers in a foreign country known to enable shady online scams through lax regulations.

How does their pricing compare to competitors?

Arager.Online advertises prices on unrealistically cheap products compared to legitimate online and retail stores selling the same items. This is a common tactic scams use to lure in victims with deals that seem too good to be true.

What payment methods does Arager.Online accept?

Arager.Online appears to accept PayPal along with credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. However, some scam sites will pretend to take mainstream payments but then process through risky channels without the customer realizing it. Use caution when entering payment info.

Does Arager.Online offer refunds?

The site claims to offer refunds. However, multiple past customers have reported being unable to get their money back for undelivered orders. This indicates their refund policy is likely fictional and should not be trusted.

Is there a working customer service number or email?

No, contact the phone number or email listed on Arager.Online results in disconnected messages or bounced emails. There does not appear to be any way to get in touch with honest customer service.

What do customers say in online reviews?

There are numerous angry, negative reviews from people who ordered through Arager.Online but never received anything. Many report being unable to get any responses or assistance from customer service. The lack of any positive reviews is also a significant warning sign.

Is Arager.Online shown as trusted by scam monitoring sites?

No, scam detection sites like Scamadviser give Arager.Online a deficient trust rating, indicating it exhibits many suspicious and dishonest business practices. These low scores strongly suggest it is a scam website.

I hope these FAQs help summarize the most significant concerns and shady details about Arager.Online. Let me know if you need me to clarify or expand on anything! I’m always happy to dig deeper into sketchy sites to help fellow shoppers stay safe.

In Summary

After evaluating all the evidence, I strongly recommend avoiding Arager. Online. There are too many red flags indicating it is almost certainly a scam website:

  • No working contact information
  • Concealed owners identity and location
  • Hosted on disreputable servers in a high-risk country
  • Missing safety certifications and security features
  • Unable to find any positive customer reviews
  • Numerous negative complaints about failing to deliver orders
  • Deficient trust ratings according to scam monitoring sites

I would never feel comfortable entering payment information or ordering products from Arager.Online. While you may get lucky with a test order, most customers likely end up losing their money and receiving nothing.

I hope this detailed analysis helps explain how to recognize the warning signs of an online scam. Please let me know if you need any tips for researching and evaluating unfamiliar e-commerce sites in the future. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other shopping websites you encounter and want me to look into! I’m always happy to help fellow shoppers protect their hard-earned money.

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