Is blogdodge Legit or A Big Scam? Review

Is Blogdodge Legit? Everything You Need To Know

Have you seen ads for Blogdodge on social media lately promising unique graphic tees at dirt-cheap prices? It almost seems too good to be true. But is Blogdodge legit or a scam? Let’s dig into the details and find out.

What Exactly Is Blogdodge?

Blogdodge markets itself as an online shop selling high-quality graphic tees and hoodies at insanely low prices. Their website is pretty essential with product photos and descriptions. According to the site, they offer worldwide shipping.

However, there are no details about who owns or runs Blogdodge. No physical address or phone number is provided either. This lack of transparency is concerning right off the bat.

Too Good To Be True Prices Raise Red Flags

The prices on Blogdodge seem far below regular retail prices, even for graphic tees. For example, many tees with free shipping are listed at just $9.99. Even bulk t-shirt distributors rarely sell that cheap.

These prices make no logical business sense. Blogdodge would be losing money on every sale at these prices. This suggests the site is either a scam or selling counterfeit/low-quality products falsely advertised as high-quality.

No Evidence Of Real Customer Reviews

There are no independent reviews of Blogdodge online. The site itself only displays positive reviews. But there’s no evidence those are from real customers.

Genuine online stores have verified reviews on platforms like TrustPilot and the Better Business Bureau. The lack of reviews for Blogdodge is concerning.

Registered Very Recently

A WHOIS domain lookup shows was registered on July 7, 2022. That means this domain is brand new! The site has only existed for a few weeks.

Established legitimate businesses don’t normally operate new domains. The recent registration is a major red flag.

Other Red Flags To Watch For

Here are a few other suspicious signals related to Blogdodge:

  • The contact email is instead of listing a natural person’s name.
  • There are no details about shipping times, returns, or exchanges. Standard policies are missing.
  • The photos of products appear generic, not unique Blogdodge products. They may be pulled from manufacturers.
  • Blogdodge mainly uses payment methods with no buyer protection, like cryptocurrency.

All these signs point to an unreliable business or an outright scam.

Negative Reviews Calling It A Scam

There are now negative Blogdodge reviews calling it a suspected scam. One Reddit user asked about experiences buying from Blogdodge. The most upvoted reply stated:

“Don’t trust Blogdodge. No legit business operates this way. It’s most likely a scam website set up to steal credit card information.”

Someone else replied:

“I ordered a hoodie weeks ago, and still nothing. Stay away from Blogdodge!”

These negative experiences match the other warning signs.

How Does Blogdodge Work Exactly?

Blogdodge likely operates using common scam tactics:

  • Collect payment information from customers upfront.
  • Never deliver any products.
  • Use the credit card details illegally or sell them.
  • Offer only generic excuses and refuse refunds.
  • Quickly shut down the site and disappear after accumulating credit cards.

This is known as a phishing scam. The site seems friendly at first but only intends to steal financial information.

Is Blogdodge Officially Confirmed As A Scam?

While Blogdodge displays many scam warning signs, it is not officially confirmed as fraudulent.

No central consumer protection agency like the FTC has named Blogdodge a scam operation. There could be a slight chance the site is legitimate.

However, all evidence strongly suggests Blogdodge is very risky at best. It’s better to avoid this unknown site altogether when shopping online. Don’t send them any money or personal information.

Are The Advertised Products Real?

It’s improbable Blogdodge sells any graphic tees or hoodies. The advertised products are probably just bait to lure in victims.

Even in the rare case that orders do ship, the products are likely terrible quality counterfeits. Any product photos should not be trusted.

This “business” was built to scam people, not provide authentic goods or services. Don’t bother ordering anything.

Is Blogdodge Connected To Any Legitimate Brands?

As far as we can tell, Blogdodge has no affiliation with any legitimate apparel brands. Any brand names used are likely counterfeits.

The site is designed to scam shoppers out of money, not provide actual branded merchandise. Don’t trust any brand association claims.

How Can I Spot Similar Scam Websites?

Use caution when shopping on any unfamiliar e-commerce site:

  • Research WHOIS info – Newly registered domains are untrustworthy.
  • Look for valid contact info – Avoid areas without real phone numbers and addresses.
  • Check for fake reviews – Don’t trust reviews on the site itself that seem suspicious.
  • Beware too good to be accurate pricing – Far below market value means it’s likely a scam.
  • Avoid unsafe payment methods – Never wire cash or pay with cryptocurrency. Use a credit card for protection.

Following these tips will help you avoid Blogdodge and other phishing scam sites online. Protect your hard-earned money by shopping smart online!


Based on a thorough analysis of the warning signs, Blogdodge appears almost certainly to be a scam website. Consumers should not order from this highly suspicious site.

At best, it is an untrustworthy shop selling low-quality items. But it’s most likely a phishing scam to steal credit card details and money. Don’t take the risk on this sketchy online retailer.


Is Blogdodge legit or a scam?

Blogdodge shows many clear signals of being an outright scam website, including a lack of transparency, recent domain registration, no genuine reviews, and meager prices. Consumers should avoid this store.

Can you buy graphic tees from Blogdodge?

It’s improbable any orders ship out natural products from Blogdodge. The site’s true purpose seems to be stealing credit card information. Don’t expect authentic goods to be delivered.

Is it safe to order from Blogdodge?

No, ordering from Blogdodge is extremely risky and not recommended. Your personal and financial data is vulnerable to fraud. Avoid entering any information on this shady site.

How does Blogdodge scam people?

Blogdodge likely collects shopper payment details upfront but never ships any products ordered. The credit card info is used illegally or sold illegally on the dark web.

How can I get a refund if I ordered from Blogdodge?

If you gave Blogdodge your credit card number, immediately call the company to report fraudulent charges so they can reverse the payment. But recouping any losses may be difficult or impossible.

Should I trust the product photos on Blogdodge?

The product images on Blogdodge are generic stock photos that should not be trusted. They likely don’t represent any natural merchandise sold by this scam website. Don’t expect to receive what’s pictured.

Who runs the Blogdodge website?

There are no public details about who registered or operated Blogdodge. The anonymous owners are hiding their identity, which further indicates shady activity. This is not how legitimate businesses operate.

Can Blogdodge be reported to someone?

You can report Blogdodge to the Better Business Bureau and leave a review detailing your experience. The FBI also has an Internet Crime Complaint Center where you can submit information.

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