is legit or A Big Scam? review

Is Legit or a Scam? What Shoppers Need to Know

Online shopping can be super convenient, but it also comes with risks. With so many sketchy websites, how can you tell if an online store is legit or a scam? In particular, shoppers are wondering, “Is maxed. shop legit” or if it’s a scam website to avoid.

I recently came across this new website called I investigated further to see if it was trustworthy. Here is what I uncovered in my research.

Scrutinizing the Website

When evaluating a new online store, the first thing I always do is scrutinize the website itself. This can reveal a lot of red flags if you know what to look for.

Shady Contact Information

My first stop is checking for contact information. Legitimate websites should have a physical address and a working customer service phone number. only shows an email address, which is suspicious. Scam sites often try to hide behind email only to avoid being contacted.

No Company History

Next, I tried to find out when launched and who owns it. The website has no “About Us” page or any other background. This lack of company history is problematic.

Amateur Site Design

I also examined the overall website design. looks cheaply made with odd grammatical errors and product photos that appear stolen from other websites. The amateurish site design needs to inspire confidence.

Investigating the Domain History

The domain name can also indicate whether is legit. I used a WHOIS domain lookup tool to dig into the history of

Recently Registered Domain

Records show the domain was just registered in March 2023. This is highly suspicious for an e-commerce store since most legitimate businesses purchase their domain name long before launching their website.

Short Domain Life Expectancy

Even more concerning is that was only registered for one year. Most authentic companies register their domains for multiple years or even a decade into the future. The short one-year registration signals plans to temporarily be in business.

Domain Registered in China

The site’s domain records have it registered to an address in China. This does not necessarily mean it’s a scam. Still, China is notorious for being a scam websites and knockoff products hub. So it’s one more red flag.

Searching for Reviews From Real Customers

Customer reviews from independent sources can reveal much about a website’s Legitimacy. I searched for reviews on various platforms to see what real shoppers have experienced.

No Reviews on Trusted Sites

I tried looking for box on trusted sites like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, or the Better Business Bureau. The absence of studies is suspicious since most established e-commerce sites have at least some customer feedback available.

Scam Warnings Seen Elsewhere

A few reviews were warning about scams found on scam warning websites. Users complained of never receiving products they ordered and needing help to get refunds from the site’s shady customer service.

Evaluating the Shopping Experience

To dig deeper, I placed test orders on to evaluate the shopping experience from start to finish. This revealed even more red flags.

No Shipping Options at Checkout

When I went to check out, the only shipping option given was confusingly listed as “Best Shipping: $0.00.” No actual shipping methods (like UPS, FedEx, etc) or delivery time estimates were shown.

Credit Card Declined for No Reason

Both my Visa and Mastercard were declined at checkout, even though the cards were valid with available credit. The site gave no explanation why the cards were declined. Real e-commerce platforms don’t just randomly reject cards.

No Order Confirmation

After the confusing checkout experience, I have not received an order confirmation or shipping notification from The site took my money without providing regular assurance that an order was placed.

Assessing the Return and Refund Policies

A company’s policies for returns and refunds can also indicate whether it is a scam. The policies are full of red flags.

Vague Refund Policy

The refund policy is extremely vague, simply stating refunds are given if “the item is defective or damaged.” However, it does not define what constitutes defective or damaged. This gives the company leeway to deny refunds for any reason.

No Address Provided for Returns

The return policy needs to provide an address for where to mail returns. It only says to contact customer service by email for a return authorization. This makes the return process needlessly tricky.

Short Window to Report Issues

There is a 5-day window from receipt of the order to report any errors or damage and request a refund. Such a short window makes it hard for customers to review products and return defective items if needed.

Final Verdict: Stay Away From!

After this extensive analysis, I can confidently say shows all the signs of being a scam website:

  • Recently registered domain name
  •  No company history or location
  •  Amateur site design
  •  Registered in China
  •  No reviews on trusted sites
  •  Negative reviews online accusing it of scams
  •  Evasive about shipping
  •  Refused valid credit cards
  •  No order confirmation
  •  Vague and difficult return policy

All shoppers should avoid – it cannot be trusted. Stick with well-known retailers and constantly research before providing your personal information. Don’t let the convenience of online shopping make you drop your guard against scams.

FAQs About Legitimacy

Is an actual company?

It does not appear that is a legitimate registered company. There is no official business registration or corporate history that can be found. The website needs to provide documentation of legal business status. This lack of verified credentials indicates it is likely a scam operation.

Where is located? does not provide an accurate location or address on its website or in domain registry records. The domain is registered to an address in China, but this cannot be confirmed as the actual location of the owners. This evasiveness about its place is a significant warning sign of a scam website.

How long has maxed?shop been around? appears to be brand new, with its domain registered in March 2023. Most legitimate online stores have been around for several years at a minimum. The fact that launched so recently adds to doubts about its authenticity.

Are the products in boxes?shop real?

There are no guarantees the products pictured on are authentic or accurately represented. Customers have reported ordering items that have not arrived or receiving cheap knockoffs of what was advertised online. It’s likely using stolen product photos and dropshipping items directly from China.

Is it safe to order from

No, seems like a hazardous site to order from based on an analysis of its red flags. Customers have reported it takes money without delivering goods and provides no way to get refunds. Your credit card and personal info are also at risk of fraud.

Can I get a refund if I have problems?

The refund policy from the needs to be more concise and seems designed to avoid providing refunds whenever possible. Many customers have complained they could not get a refund for defective or missing items. Expect a hassle trying to get money back if issues arise.

Why are there no reviews of boxes?shop online?

One big warning sign is that has zero reviews on significant consumer sites. This suggests the site shuts down and reappears under new names to hide negative reviews. Scam websites often open and close quickly to rip people off before studies catch up to them.

Is blocked for scams?

Yes, domain monitoring sites like ScamDoc show on blacklists for fraudulent websites. Additional online comments label it as a scam site to avoid, reinforcing the risks of using for any purchases. It cannot be trusted.

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