Is legit or a big scam? reivew

Is Legit?

Have you come across, which claims to sell cute baby clothes and shoes at unbelievable prices? As tempting as the deals may seem, it’s essential to research before providing any personal or payment information to an unfamiliar online retailer. Join me as we closely examine and evaluate if it’s a legit website you can trust or one you’re better off avoiding.

Website Overview

At first glance, looks like any other e-commerce store selling baby products. The homepage showcases photos of adorable infants modeling trendy outfits and footwear. A search bar and category menu make it easy to browse for specific items. So what raises red flags about the legitimacy of this site? Let’s dig a little deeper.

No Sign of a Real Social Media Presence

For a company selling modern baby products, you would expect to have some social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. However, searches turn up with no accounts representing the brand. The lack of engagement across social channels is a red flag.

Mixed Reviews from Customers

While there are no reviews on the website, looking at third-party review sites paints a concerning picture. Many past customers allege never receiving their orders. Others report receiving poor-quality items, very different from the product photos. Multiple reviewers say they have not received a response from Bibikid’s customer service.

Recently Registered Domain

According to Whois domain registration records, was only registered in the past year. This short lifespan sets off alarm bells, as many scam websites do not keep their domains for long before shutting down and opening under a new name. The need for an established online presence needs to be revised.

Final Verdict

When we weigh all the above factors, the clear verdict is that is unfortunately not a legit website and should be avoided. The obscure contact details, nonexistent social media engagement, concerning reviews, and new domain names all strongly indicate an unreliable seller you shouldn’t trust with your money or information.

You’re better off sticking to well-reviewed retailers with a longstanding reputation for your baby’s clothing and shoe needs. While the deals at may be enticing, the risk must be lowered. Trust your parental instincts and say no to this suspicious website.


Is an authentic business?

Based on the research, there is strong evidence that is not an authentic business. The provided contact information needs to check out, and there are no signs of real social media presence or customer reviews on the website. Numerous red flags indicate this is likely a scam operation.

Why are the prices on so low?

The meager prices of baby clothes and shoes advertised on are highly suspicious. Legitimate retailers cannot offer deep discounts on quality infant apparel and footwear. The rock-bottom pricing is likely a scam tactic to lure in customers.

What happens if I place an order on

Unfortunately, most customers who have placed orders on report never receiving their items. The website will likely take your money without providing products or responding to your inquiries. It’s best to avoid ordering from this website altogether.

Can I trust the product images on

The product images on cannot be trusted, as multiple past customers have reported receiving items vastly different from the photos. The images are likely taken from other retailers or mockups that don’t accurately represent the products sold.

Does have good reviews?

Independent review sites feature predominantly negative feedback about, with customers complaining of never receiving orders, getting different products than expected, and inability to reach customer service. There are no reviews on the site itself either.

Is it safe to give my personal information to

It is not safe to provide any personal or financial information to Since it is not a legitimate business, your info could be used fraudulently or exposed in a data breach. Avoid entering any details on this website to protect your privacy.

How can I tell if an online baby store is trustworthy?

Look for sites with precise contact info, a professional domain, a real social media presence, a longstanding reputation, and overwhelmingly positive independent reviews. Unrealistic pricing, lacking contact info, and no checks are red flags to avoid.

Are there any alternatives better than

For quality baby products, shop with well-known retailers like buybuyBABY, Zulily, Hanna Andersson, or Primary. Read reviews carefully before purchasing from less mainstream businesses as well. Steer clear of and similar suspicious websites.

What should I do if I have already placed an order on

If you have already placed an order, immediately contact your credit card company or payment provider to halt the charges and explain that you believe it is a fraudulent transaction. You can also report your experience to the Better Business Bureau to help warn others.

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