is big bo factory outlet legit or big scam? review

Is Big Bo Factory Outlet Legit?

Have you seen a fantastic deal on a product at Big Bo Factory Outlet and wondered if the website is legit? With so many online scams, it’s wise to research before handing over your hard-earned money. Read on as I investigate the telltale signs of shady websites and uncover the truth about Big Bo Factory Outlet.

Examining the Domain Name and Registration Details

The first step in evaluating an unfamiliar e-commerce site is looking at the domain name and registration details. Big Bo Factory Outlet’s domain name ends in .xyz, an extension commonly used by scam websites. The domain is also registered anonymously through a third-party company, which is another red flag. Legitimate businesses have no reason to hide their ownership information.

Digging into the Contact Information

Next, I take a close look at the website’s contact information. Big Bo Factory Outlet provides only an email address, with no business address or phone number. Emailing customer service gets an auto-reply directing me to submit a contact form. I am still awaiting a response, even after multiple attempts to reach a natural person. The lack of transparent contact details is a significant warning sign.

Researching Online Reviews and Reputation

A deep dive into reviews and reputation is crucial in assessing an e-commerce store. Big Bo Factory Outlet has zero online presence outside its website. There are no reviews on TrustPilot or other review sites, social media pages, or Better Business Bureau record. The company appears out of thin air, with no history or evidence of satisfied customers. This lack of reputation is highly suspicious for a supposedly major factory outlet.

Analyzing the Product Listings

The merchandise itself on Big Bo Factory Outlet also raises some red flags. The listings use generic descriptions copied from other websites. There are no product specifications, materials information, or detailed images. Everything needs to be more specific, making it impossible to know what you’ll receive if you place an order.

Spotting Fake Reviews and Images

Not only are the product descriptions suspicious, but the product reviews are fabricated. They use generic language, and all follow the same structure. Even more telling, a reverse image search reveals that product photos have been stolen from other websites. It’s another signal this so-called factory outlet likely sells cheap, knock-off merchandise.

No Secure Payment Options Available

Payment and checkout is another area that screams scam. Big Bo Factory Outlet lacks the standard security features and options you’d expect from a real online shop. All purchases require bank wire transfer or PayPal “Friends and Family” payment, which offers no buyer protection. Using a credit card is impossible, preventing you from disputing fraudulent charges. This should make any potential customer highly wary.

No Secure Checkout Process

On top of unprotected payment methods, Big Bo Factory Outlet has a generally insecure checkout process. There’s no SSL certificate to encrypt entered information and no verification procedures to prevent credit card fraud. Customers are sending their personal and financial details into a black hole, with their data visible to hackers. Not exactly reassuring!

Investigating Legal Protections and Policies

Part of shopping confidently online is knowing you have recourse if something goes wrong. Big Bo Factory Outlet provides no legal protections or policies to protect customers. The site has no terms of service, privacy policy, shipping and returns details, or disclaimers. You’re placing an order unthinkingly with zero guarantees of satisfaction.

No Indication of Business Legitimacy

Professional e-commerce businesses also prominently display badges and certifications to assure customers of their legitimacy. Big Bo Factory Outlet has none of these trust markers. There are no links to social media, no verified merchant badges from PayPal or Norton, and no BBB accreditation. The company makes no effort to demonstrate it is who it claims to be.

Vague Shipping and Return Policies

Every online store should provide straightforward shipping and returns policies before checkout. Big Bo Factory Outlet offers nothing besides a 7-14 day shipping promise. There is no guidance on tracking orders, package insurance, or sending items back procedures. The need for defined policies seems tactical, allowing the company to withhold information and avoid taking responsibility.

Assessing the Checkout and Order Fulfillment Process

The final step in determining if Big Bo Factory Outlet is legit is placing a test order and going through the process. I proceed through checkout and complete my order. The site immediately processes my “payment” without verifying my details. No order confirmation email will arrive over the next several days, either.

No Order Tracking Provided

When I inquire about tracking my purchase, I receive only confusing responses with invalid shipping numbers. Big Bo Factory Outlet needs to provide me with an actual way to track the status of my order. Combined with the lack of order confirmation, something seems very off.

No Package Ever Arrives

Ultimately, I have yet to receive a package or shipment ever showing up at my address. I repeatedly contacted Big Bo Factory Outlet about my missing items but was ignored. They already have my money and have no intent on fulfilling my order. The scam is now crystal clear.

Unmasking Big Bo Factory Outlet

After thoroughly examining the website, Big Bo Factory Outlet shows all the signs of an online scam. Key red flags include:

  • Anonymous domain registration
  •  No valid contact information
  •  Zero online reviews or reputation
  •  Copied and fake product info
  •  Insecure payment methods
  •  Lack of legal policies and protections
  •  No verification or tracking of orders
  •  No delivery fulfillment

This website was set up to rip off unsuspecting customers. Refrain from trusting them with your money!

Steer Clear for Your Protection

This deep dive has provided clarity on whether or not Big Bo Factory Outlet is legit. All evidence overwhelmingly points to no. For your protection, I strongly advise avoiding this scam website entirely. Don’t become their next victim!


Still, trying to figure out how to spot shady websites like Big Bo Factory Outlet? Here are answers to 8 frequently asked questions to protect yourself from scams:

What are some telltale signs of an untrustworthy website?

Major red flags include:

  • No contact information.
  • Lack of online reviews.
  • Fake-looking photos.
  • Too-good-to-be-true prices.
  • Only money transfers for payment.
  • No customer protections or policies.

Should I trust a professional-looking website?

Not necessarily – scammers create highly polished websites as a front to seem legitimate. Still, do your due diligence researching the company.

What should I check with the domain name?

Be wary of odd extensions like .xyz or .site, which are easy to acquire anonymously—research who registered the domain and avoid companies hiding behind proxies.

Can I get scammed using PayPal on a website?

Yes, if you use PayPal Friends and Family for payment. This offers no buyer protection. Only use standard PayPal checkout that lets you dispute fraudulent charges.

What are the signs of fake customer reviews?

Watch for generic-sounding language, all reviews having an identical structure, and no variation in ratings. Fake reviews are universally positive, with no critical feedback.

Should I be concerned about lacking contact information?

Absolutely. Professional companies make it easy to contact them by phone, email, chat, and social media. No contact info means avoiding accountability.

Can I charge back a credit card if I’m scammed?

If you paid by credit card, you can dispute the charges if you do not receive the item ordered. This reimbursement option is unavailable with money transfers or gift payments.

What should I do if I realize I’m dealing with a scam website?

Immediately cease all engagement with the company and notify your bank if you already paid. Please report them to the FTC and BBB to help warn others of the scam.


This comprehensive article has equipped you to stay vigilant against online scams like Big Bo Factory Outlet. Always thoroughly investigate unfamiliar e-commerce sites before you hand over any money or personal information. Being an informed consumer is the best way to protect your hard-earned dollars and avoid fraud. Stay safe and savvy with your online shopping!

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