Is Legit? or a Big Scam? Review

Is Legit? Let’s Investigate

Hi there! I recently came across the website and wondered if it is legit to buy from. I did some digging to find out the answers for you.

Researching the Company Background

Whenever I come across a new website, I first research the company’s background. Who owns it? How long have they been around? I tried looking up info about the owners of and came up empty. No names, addresses, or company history are listed on the site. Big red flag! Legitimate businesses are transparent about who owns and runs them.

Evaluating the Look and Feel of the Website

Next, I looked closely at the design and content of the Breathbalm site. Some parts seem nicely done, with high-quality images and product descriptions. However, much of the content appears duplicated word-for-word from other popular e-commerce stores. Plagiarism is a big no-no and another sign this may not be a legit business.

Examining the Refund Policy

The refund policy is where things start to get fishy. Breathable claims to offer refunds within 14 days if products are unused and in original packaging. But they also say refunds can take “up to 45 days” to process. That’s a crazy long time! Most legit businesses issue refunds within one week.

Checking Reviews from Other Customers

Whenever possible, I like to find reviews from people who have ordered from the website. I searched online for Breathbalm reviews and found several negative complaints about poor quality products, extremely slow shipping, and refusal to issue refunds. Not good at all!

My Final Verdict

After looking at all the available information, I believe is risky at best and most likely an outright scam to avoid. Lack of company transparency, copied content, unrealistic refund policy, and bad customer reviews are bright red flags. I recommend you take your business elsewhere! Let me know if you have any other sites you want me to look into. I’m happy to help anytime!


I hope this thorough investigation into has helped shed some light on whether or not it is a legitimate retailer. Based on some red flags, there is a significant risk involved with ordering from this website. Always be sure to do your research before providing any site with your hard-earned money. Let me know if you need help checking out any other unfamiliar e-commerce stores in the future. I’m happy to lend my sleuthing skills to give you peace of mind!

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