Is legit or a big scam? review

Is Legit? What You Need To Know

Have you encountered the website and wondered if it’s a legitimate online shop or a scam? With so many sketchy sites out there, it’s wise to research before providing your personal information and money.

In this article, we’ll look in-depth at Dziowa, reviewing key factors to determine if it’s a trustworthy place to shop or one to avoid. Let’s dive in!

The Basics About Dziowa

First, let’s cover some background. is an online clothing store that sells women’s outerwear like jackets, coats, and vests. They also offer some innerwear like underwear and loungewear.

The site has a clean, modern look and has various styles and brands. However, some concerning factors about Dziowa are red flags.

Questionable Trustworthiness

One of the first things I look at when evaluating an unfamiliar e-commerce site is its trust score on scam-checking sites. Dziowa has shallow scores, which indicates other shoppers have reported issues.

For example:

  • ScamAdvisor gives Dziowa an abysmal 2% trust rating.
  • Scamdoc says its trust index is just 35%, and there is a “high risk” of getting scammed.

These low scores are a big warning sign to proceed with caution.

Suspicious Domain History

Another red flag is Dziowa’s domain name history. was registered just a few months ago in May 2022.

Also concerning – the domain has been registered for only one year. Legitimate businesses typically register for multiple years.

The short registration period indicates that Dziowa may be a temporary site that will shut down after a short time, taking customers’ money and data.

Limited and Questionable Reviews

When considering a new online shop, I always look for customer reviews. However, Dziowa has very few reviews available, and the ones they do have seem suspicious.

Some of the concerns about their reviews include:

  • Only five total reviews on the site. Most legit shops have hundreds or thousands.
  • The reviews are all five stars—no negative or moderate ones.
  • The reviews seem generic, brief, and poorly written.
  • They were all posted within a few days, indicating they may be fake.

The lack of genuine reviews from verified buyers makes it impossible to gauge customer experiences—another red flag.

Unclear Refund Policy

Dziowa does have a posted return policy, but it is pretty vague. It says you can return items within 14 days if they are unused and in original condition.

However, the policy does not provide details on how to request a return or who covers return shipping costs. This lack of specifics is concerning.

For apparel, a liberal return policy with free shipping is standard. Dziowa’s ambiguous details are questionable.

Shipping Fees and Taxes

Dziowa offers free shipping on orders over $100. That sounds good at first glance.

However, the site charges a flat USD 20 for smaller purchases for shipping. That’s relatively high compared to other clothing sites.

There are also complaints of additional taxes and duties being charged upon delivery, increasing costs significantly. This “bait and switch” tactic is a common scam practice.

Payment Processing Issues

According to online reports, Dziowa has had many problems processing payments. Customers complain about delayed order confirmations, payments not going through correctly, and overall lack of professionalism.

Having issues taking payments smoothly is often a sign of an unreliable or illegitimate retail operation.

No Company Background Info

Some other quick concerns – Dziowa does not provide any background about who owns it or operates it. No business address, company history, or executives are listed on the site.

This lack of transparency about who is behind the business is a potential red flag.

Too Good To Be True Discounts

Finally, some of Dziowa’s product prices seem suspiciously low. For example, trendy Orolay jackets are offered for 50-60% off retail prices.

Super low prices can certainly attract shoppers. But shockingly big discounts are often a gimmick to lure in victims.

The Verdict

With its shallow trust scores, sketchy domain history, questionable reviews, unclear policies, and lack of background information, Dziowa exhibits many classic warning signs of an untrustworthy site.

While it’s not definitively a scam, there is substantial evidence this new site should be avoided. I recommend exercising extreme caution and steering clear of providing your data or money to Dziowa.

Instead, seek out established clothing retailers with transparent policies, verifiable reviews, and extensive company details readily available. Although genuine discounts may not be as steep, the trust factor is well worth it.

Stay far away from shady sites like Dziowa and protect yourself!

FAQs About Dziowa

Is Dziowa located in the USA?

No, Dziowa does not provide any verifiable corporate address or location information. The site has a USA country calling code, but no physical address is listed.

What payment methods does Dziowa accept?

Dziowa claims to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. However, many payments have not been processed smoothly based on customer complaints. Use caution when providing payment info.

Does Dziowa offer free returns?

No – Dziowa’s return policy does not specify who pays for return shipping. It only allows returns of unused products in their original condition within 14 days. Customers report needing to pay for return shipping.

Can I track my Dziowa order?

While Dziowa claims to provide package tracking, many customers report issues with tracking numbers not working or updating. Opaque shipping and delivery practices are a red flag.

How long does Dziowa shipping take?

Dziowa estimates 5-8 business days for delivery in the USA. However, numerous complaints indicate packages take much longer to arrive or never arrive at all.

Is there a Dziowa phone number I can call?

No, Dziowa only provides an email address for customer contact. The lack of phone support is questionable for a legitimate clothing retailer.

Does Dziowa sell on other platforms like Amazon or eBay?

No, Dziowa products are only available on The site does not sell via any other trusted retailers.

Who owns or operates Dziowa?

Dziowa provides no information about its company ownership, history, or leadership. The lack of transparency about who runs the business is very concerning.

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