Is Ezbokshop legit? Scam Or Real?

Is Ezbokshop legit? In-Depth Review

With the convenience of online shopping, it’s natural for consumers to be cautious about the authenticity of e-commerce websites. Ezbokshop is one such website that has garnered attention due to various concerns from potential customers. Let’s explore the details to determine whether Ezbokshop is a legitimate online store or if it should be approached with caution.

Trustpilot Reviews

A glance at Ezbokshop’s reputation on Trustpilot raises some alarming red flags. Trustpilot is a well-known platform for customer reviews, and Ezbokshop’s profile paints a concerning picture. With only eight reviews and an average rating of 1.5 stars, it’s evident that several customers have had negative experiences with the website. Complaints range from frustratingly long shipping times and poor customer service to receiving counterfeit products. appears to have some concerning issues that indicate it may not be a legitimate or trustworthy site to purchase from. Specifically:

  • Customer service or contact information is not provided, so there is no way for customers to get assistance if needed.
  • There is no privacy policy or terms of service, which are standard on e-commerce sites to inform customers of data practices and procedures.
  • The site does not use SSL encryption or secure payment methods, making transactions less safe.
  • The site has no social media presence or online reputation, which is uncommon for legitimate businesses today.
  • There are no details about the company name, ownership, or business registration, making it impossible to verify if it is a real company.

Overall, the lack of these standard business practices and policies raises red flags about the legitimacy and security of the site. The investigation by TVStuffOnline2 found no evidence that this is an established, reputable business. The recommendation would be to avoid providing personal or financial information to this site until more details about their business practices can be verified.

Lack of Information on the Ezbokshop Website:

Another notable concern about Ezbokshop is its website’s absence of essential information. Legitimate businesses typically provide contact information and a physical address to establish customer trust. However, Ezbokshop lacks such transparency, making it challenging for potential buyers to reach out or verify its legitimacy.

Association with Workzly – A Scam Connection:

Digging deeper into Ezbokshop’s connections, the website Workzly comes into the picture. Workzly has been identified as a scam, and this association raises severe doubts about the legitimacy of Ezbokshop. Such affiliations often indicate deceptive practices and highlight the need for caution when dealing with Ezbokshop.

TVStuffOnline Investigation Findings:

To provide unbiased insights, TVStuffOnline investigated Ezbokshop. The findings added to the concerns surrounding the website. Ezbokshop lacks crucial customer service or contact information, which is a clear warning sign. Moreover, the absence of a privacy policy, secure payment methods, and online reputation further doubt its legitimacy.

The Risk of Scams and Counterfeit Products:

Customer reviews and investigations have highlighted the risks associated with shopping at Ezbokshop. Many customers report being scammed by the website, with no response from the seller via email or phone. Fake delivery notices with incorrect addresses or images add to the perplexity. Additionally, those who attempted refunds through PayPal or credit card companies found it challenging to get their money back.

Tips to Identify Legitimate Online Stores:

To protect oneself from scams and counterfeit products, one must be vigilant while shopping online. Conducting thorough research on websites before making a purchase is crucial. Customer reviews, ratings, and investigative reports can help make informed decisions and avoid fraudulent websites.

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In conclusion, the evidence points to Ezbokshop not being a legitimate online store. The numerous red flags, negative Trustpilot reviews, lack of essential information, and its association with a known scam website all contribute to the perception that Ezbokshop cannot be trusted. It is strongly advised to avoid shopping at Ezbokshop to safeguard your money and personal information.


Is Ezbokshop a trustworthy website?

Based on the available evidence, Ezbokshop has a poor reputation and numerous red flags, indicating it may not be a trustworthy website.

Is there any contact information for Ezbokshop?

Unfortunately, the website lacks visible contact information, a significant concern for potential customers.

Are there any secure payment methods on Ezbokshop?

No, the website does not appear to offer secure payment methods, which can pose a risk to customers’ financial information.

What steps can I take to avoid online scams?

To avoid online scams, research websites thoroughly, read customer reviews on trusted platforms, and prefer reputable online stores with transparent information.

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