Is girafer legit or a big scam? review

Is Girafer Legit?

Hey friend! I recently came across this website called Girafer, which sells beach towels and other products. At first glance, it looks like a legit e-commerce site. But when I dug deeper, I found several red flags that made me question whether Girafer is trustworthy or just a scam.

Stick with me as I walk you through everything I uncovered in my investigation into whether Girafer is legit or shady. I’ll share details on the site’s content, location, reviews, sales tactics, pricing, and more – so you can decide if you feel comfortable buying from them or shopping elsewhere. Let’s dive in!

The Site Content Raises Eyebrows

The first thing that seemed off to me was the actual content on Girafer’s website. It appears to be copied wholesale from another site called I compared product descriptions, images, and other text side-by-side, which are identical on both sites.

Lack of Original Content

This lack of original content makes the site seem less legitimate. If Girafer isn’t creating their product descriptions, can we trust them to sell quality, unique items? Content copying is a big red flag for any e-commerce business.

The Business Location is Suspicious

Here’s another thing that had me scratching my head – the listed business address for Girafer is just a residential home. Now, some small businesses do start home-based, which is understandable. But for an e-commerce company supposedly selling internationally, having a house as your business address seems sketchy.

Strange Address

The address doesn’t match what you’d expect from an authentic, professional online retailer. It made me immediately question if Girafer is as big or established as they claim on their site.

No Reviews from Trusted Sites

Today, reviews make or break an online business. Any company selling legit products will have customer reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and ScamAdviser. But oddly enough, Girafer has zero reviews on any primary site.

Lack of Third-Party Reviews

This lack of third-party reviews makes it impossible to verify either the quality of their products or the reliability of their services. If no one has bought from them before, how do we know we won’t get scammed? This was concerning for a company that’s supposedly been around for years.

Aggressive Sales Tactics Are Used

If the lack of reviews wasn’t bad enough, the high-pressure sales tactics used on the site made me uncomfortable. Girafer displays things like:

  • Countdown timer showing limited time left for a deal
  • Only X items remain!
  • Y people are viewing this product right now!

Pressuring Buyers

These tactics create false urgency and scare people into impulse purchases before an imaginary sale ends. Legit businesses don’t need to resort to such tricks, so it was another warning sign for me.


After looking at all the questionable elements above – the copied content, odd address, lack of reviews, sales gimmicks, and unrealistic pricing – I have concluded that Girafer is not a legit, trustworthy e-commerce business.

Shop Elsewhere!

While the deals look tempting, there are too many red flags to recommend buying from this site. You’re better off spending money with a more reputable beach towel or accessories company. That wraps up my investigation on whether Girafer is legit or shady! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Girafer a scam website?

Based on all the suspicious indicators outlined above, there’s a very high chance Girafer is a scam website and not legit. I would avoid handing over my money or personal information to them.

What raises doubts about Girafer?

The main factors making Girafer seem questionable are the copied content, residential business address, lack of reviews on trusted sites, manipulative sales tactics, and prices that seem too good to be true.

Should I buy from Girafer?

I would strongly recommend against buying from Girafer. Nothing about the site appears trustworthy or transparent. You’re better off finding a more reputable e-commerce store, even if it means paying higher prices.

Are the towel deals on Girafer real?

The insanely low prices Girafer lists for towels and other products seem unrealistic. If the deals look too good to be true, they very likely are. The “discounts” are probably a scam tactic.

Can I get my money back if I buy from Girafer?

Since they seem untrustworthy, getting a refund or return from Girafer may be difficult or impossible. It’s best not to find out the hard way and avoid the site altogether.

Is Girafer located in a house?

Yes, suspiciously enough, the listed business address for Girafer is just a regular residential home, not a commercial office or store.

Where are other places I can buy beach towels?

Reputable retailers like Amazon, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or department stores are safer options for purchasing quality beach towels without getting scammed. Or buy directly from towel brands’ sites.

Does Girafer have real customer reviews?

Oddly, Girafer does not seem to have any genuine third-party customer reviews on sites like Trustpilot. This lack of studies makes it impossible to verify their claims.

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