is legit or a big scam? review

Is Legit?

Have you come across while shopping online and wondered – is this website legit or a scam? As an avid online shopper myself, I completely understand the dilemma. You find a site offering exactly what you want at unbelievably low prices, but something seems off. Before you hand over your hard-earned money, it’s wise to do some digging.

Let me walk you through what I uncovered in my investigation of so you can determine if it’s a trustworthy place to shop.

Researching The Reputation

The first thing I do when assessing an unfamiliar e-commerce site is look at what others are saying. I scour is legit discussions on Reddit, review sites, forums – anywhere I can find feedback. Unfortunately, raised some red flags.

Negative Reviews From Customers

On Reddit and other forums, multiple users called iguwes a scam. One customer claimed they ordered a laptop but never received a confirmation or tracking number. Another said the transformer toy they bought was a cheap knock-off.

Complaints About Fake Contact Information

According to De-Reviews, iguwes uses a phony business address and details. This is a typical tactic shady websites use to avoid accountability.

Clearly, past shoppers have not had positive experiences. This already has me leaning toward “no” regarding is legit.

Evaluating The Website Itself

I always look carefully at a site’s design, policies, and content to gauge legitimacy. Several abnormalities stood out about

Amateur Design and Layout

The site looks sloppily thrown together, lacking the polish of a professional store. Images are blurry, text is riddled with errors, and the layout is clunky.

No Company History or “About Us” Section

Reputable businesses provide background on their brand. Iguwes offers zero information about who owns or operates the site.

Too-Good-To-Be-True Prices

From laptops to toys, all products on iguwes are priced ridiculously low. This sets off alarm bells for counterfeit items. When deals seem too good to be true, they almost always are.

No Refund/Return Policy Posted

Standard e-commerce stores outline how customers can get refunds and make returns. The lack of policy suggests the site owners hope to avoid honoring both.

Checking Third-Party Safety Ratings

To complete my investigation of is legit, I checked what security and safety organizations had to say. Again, I found issues.

Low Trust Score

Scamdoc gave iguwes a moderate 60% trust rating, which indicates potential risk. Scamdoc also flagged the site’s short 3-month lifespan and low traffic levels as problems.

Watchdog Warnings

Groups like ScamGuard and the Better Business Bureau have articles cautioning consumers to avoid iguwes. Their experts uncovered the same shady patterns I did.

The Verdict

Based on reviews, design, policies, and watchdog warnings, I feel confident deeming not legit. The site exhibits multiple high-risk factors like selling counterfeit goods and collecting shopper data under false pretenses. I would not recommend purchasing from iguwes.

To avoid being scammed, always research unfamiliar sites as thoroughly as possible. Look for:

  • Positive reviews
  • Established company history
  • Professional design and writing
  • Fair policies and protections
  • High safety ratings

If in doubt, trust your gut and shop elsewhere! Stay savvy out there, fellow online shoppers.


Is an online scam or a real store?

Based on the evidence, appears to be an online scam and not a real, legitimate business. Multiple customers report receiving fake or incorrect items from the site, or nothing at all.

What products does claim to sell?

Iguwes claims to sell laptops, toys, clothing, jewelry, electronics, and more at suspiciously low prices. This very broad inventory with deep discounts across the board is a red flag for a scam site.

Does seem trustworthy based on reviews?

No, seems highly untrustworthy based on overwhelmingly negative reviews from upset customers claiming it is a scam. There are no positive reviews from satisfied buyers.

What contact information does provide?

Iguwes appears to use fake address and contact details, providing no legitimate way for customers to reach the company with issues. This lack of valid contact information suggests a scam.

Does offer refunds or returns?

The site does not post any policy for returns, refunds, or exchanges. This lack of protections means customers likely have no recourse if the site scams them.

Does look professionally designed?

No, the site looks very amateurish, filled with misspellings, blurry images, and a sloppy layout. The design seems hastily created with no attention to detail.

How long has been around?

According to scam and safety monitoring sites, is brand new, having been created just 3 months ago. The short lifespan is high risk.

What do scam detection tools say about

Scam and safety analyzing sites like ScamDoc and ScamGuard issue warnings about, giving it very poor legitimacy scores based on major red flags.

Should consumers trust

No, consumers should not trust All evidence indicates it is a scam site that sells counterfeit or nonexistent items, and may steal credit card information. It is best avoided.

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