Is imprecari legit or a big scam? review

Is Imprecari Legit? Let’s Investigate

In today’s digital age, online shopping has become a part of our daily lives. The convenience of purchasing almost anything with just a few clicks is undeniably alluring. However, this also comes with certain risks, especially when dealing with unfamiliar websites. One such website that has raised several red flags is Is Imprecari legit? Let’s take a closer look.

What is Imprecari?

Imprecari markets itself as an online marketplace selling various products at discounted prices—its website claims to offer everything from electronics to clothing and accessories. At first glance, the prices do seem unbelievably low. But sadly, if something appears too good to be true, it usually is.

Multiple Negative Reviews Calling it a Scam

A quick online search for Imprecari reviews paints a worrying picture. There are multiple negative reviews, with customers calling it a scam and warning others to stay away. Here are some examples:

Customer Receives Wrong Product

“Ordered the raised garden bed, got a fricken scarf instead. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!

This customer clearly ordered one product but received something entirely different. This is a typical tactic scam websites use to ship random cheap items instead of the actual product called.

Customer Receives Cheap Plastic Toy Instead of 3D Printer.

“I ordered a 3D printer and received a cheap plastic toy. This is a fraudulent website. Do not buy anything from them.”

Again, this reviewer highlights receiving a completely different product from what was ordered. Obtaining a cheap plastic toy instead of an expensive 3D printer indicates foul play.

No Product was Received Despite the Payment

“I placed an order and paid via PayPal. But I have not received the product, and they refused to respond to my emails. Do not trust this site!

In this case, the lack of any customer service response or refund is a huge red flag. Ethical businesses always try to rectify issues faced by paying customers.

Poor Trust Ratings on Review Sites

Websites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber allow customers to leave reviews and give ratings for online businesses. Imprecari has extremely poor 1.1 and 1-star ratings on these websites, confirming its dodgy reputation.

Allegations of Fake Product Photos

Many angry customers have stated that the product photos on Imprecari are fake stock images that do not match the items shipped. Using fictitious photos is an easy way for scammers to mislead online shoppers.

No Verifiable Company Information

No solid information about Imprecari’s company ownership, location, or legal registration details is available. The website needs a physical address or even a customer service email. This lack of transparency is very suspicious for a supposedly legitimate retail business.

Registration Details Hidden

Standard practice for authentic websites is to provide the legal name of the owning company, registered address, and contact details. Imprecari does none of this.

Whois Details Unavailable

There are no valid ownership records related to in the Whois directory. The website owners have kept the registration details private to hide their identities.

How to Check if an Online Store Is Trustworthy

With e-commerce scams on the rise, how can shoppers identify trustworthy websites? Here are some tips:

Research Online Reviews

Spend time reading customer reviews on trust rating websites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber. Authentic stores generally have a high percentage of positive reviews.

Check Contact Information

Legitimate websites always provide working contact details like email, phone number, and physical address. Avoid sites that only have web forms without direct contacts.

Assess Return Policies

Genuine retailers have clear return and refund policies. Scam sites either need such policies or make them overly complicated to discourage returns.

Verify Payment Security

Legit stores use secure payment gateways and SSL encryption. Look for the padlock icon, HTTP URL, and certificates from trusted providers like Norton or TrustGuard.

Use Scam Checking Tools

ScamDoc and ScamDetector allow you to input a website name and check validity reports and scam risks based on big data analytics.

Expert Opinions Confirm Imprecari is High Risk

I decided to run Imprecari through two leading scam-checking sites to verify things for myself. The results only reaffirmed that this website should be avoided at all costs.

ScamDoc Rates it a High-Risk Website

ScamDoc gave Imprecari a risk score of 89/100, meaning it is a highly suspicious and unsafe website. Their trust indicators highlight poor domain authority, lack of SSL certificate, hidden identity, and no contact information as top concerns.

Scam Detector Categorizes it as Fraud.

ScamDetector categorized Imprecari as an online retail fraud based on a detailed analysis of multiple risk factors. They, too, warned about fake products, abuse of personal information, and lack of working contact details.


In summary, all evidence points to Imprecari being an untrustworthy website involved in scam activities. I strongly advise against purchasing anything from based on the following compelling reasons:

  • Numerous negative customer reviews stated the products ordered were never delivered.
  •  Allegations of sending random cheap items instead of the actual products called.
  •  No verifiable company information is provided on the website.
  •  Need for valid registration and ownership details in public databases.
  •  Abysmal trust ratings and high scam scores on review sites.
  •  Expert scam-checking sites have categorized it as a fraudulent e-commerce scheme.

Rather than wasting your hard-earned money, I recommend always double-checking unfamiliar shopping sites for telltale signs of a scam. Stick to well-known reputable retailers with long histories of good customer service. Accepting the risk is not worth it if a deal seems too good. This detailed investigation has helped uncover the truth about Imprecari. Please shop safely and cautiously online!

Frequently Asked Questions about

Is Imprecari legit or a scam website?

Based on extensive research, Imprecari is a scam website that should be avoided. They lure customers with fake claims and deals but do not deliver the promised products.

What do people say in Imprecari reviews?

Countless negative Imprecari reviews online state people received the wrong items or nothing. Many call it a fraud and warn others not to buy from this site.

Does Imprecari offer accurate contact information?

No, the site lacks any working phone number, email address, or physical location. This lack of proper company details is a sign of a shady business.

Can I get a refund if I’m unhappy with their product?

Unlikely since Imprecari is a scam site. You may only get recourse with verified details, even if you paid via PayPal. Avoid buying rather than risk your money.

Are the product images on Imprecari real or fake?

Many previous customers claim the product photos are stock images that do not match what is shipped. This is a common scam technique.

Is it safe to enter my credit card on Imprecari?

Not. Never enter confidential payment information on unverified websites with high scam risks. Your personal and financial data may be misused.

How can I be sure an online store is legitimate?

Check reviews, contact details, return policies, payment security, scam detector ratings, and verify registration information before purchasing.

What proof indicates Imprecari is a fraudulent site?

Red flags include lack of company details, hidden identity, no contact information, excessive negative reviews, fake product photos, and poor trust ratings on scam-checking sites.

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