is legit? Review, Scam or Real?

is nine9 a legit company? Unraveling the Truth Behind the Talent Agency

In the world of showbiz, aspiring actors and models are constantly looking for reputable talent agencies that can pave the way to success. One such agency that has sparked debates and discussions is The legitimacy of Nine9 has been a matter of contention, with both positive and negative experiences reported by users. In this article, we delve into the mixed reputation of Nine9, explore various perspectives, and offer essential tips to help you make an informed decision if you’re considering joining the agency.

The Controversial Reputation of Nine9

Nine9, a talent and modeling agency, has garnered diverse opinions from its users. On the one hand, some individuals praise the company for their services, while on the other hand, some have accused Nine9 of being a scam. Let’s look at the different aspects that have shaped Nine9’s reputation.

Positive Reviews and Ratings

Nine9 boasts a 4.47-star rating on Sitejabber, derived from 173 reviews. This suggests that many users have had positive experiences with the agency. Additionally, Nine9 has achieved an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which indicates a degree of credibility.

Customer Complaints

Despite the positive ratings, Nine9 has not escaped customer complaints. Over the past three years, the company has received 138 complaints. These complaints range from issues with services to problems with fees and promising opportunities.

Accusations of Scam

The most serious allegations against Nine9 revolve around it being a potential scam. Some individuals claim that the casting calls offered by Nine9 are deceptive and fake. There are also accusations that the company charges high fees upfront and fails to deliver on promised opportunities.

Making Your Decision: Tips for Prospective Members

As an individual contemplating joining Nine9, making an informed decision is essential. Here are some crucial factors to consider before leaping:

1. Careful Review of the Company’s Website

Thoroughly examine Nine9’s website for any red flags or misleading information. Look for clear indications of their services, terms, and fees.

2. Reading Reviews from Both Sides

Consider feedback from both current and former members of Nine9. Hearing about their experiences will provide valuable insights into the agency’s practices.

3. Seek Input from Other Actors and Models

Reach out to actors and models who have utilized Nine9’s services. Their firsthand accounts can give you a better perspective on what to expect.

4. Understand the Refund Policy

Ensure you know the company’s refund policy if things don’t work out as expected.

5. Caution with Personal Information

Exercise caution when providing personal information to any talent agency, including Nine9. Only share the necessary details and protect your privacy.

6. Documenting Communication

Keep track of all communications with the company. This can be useful in case any issues arise in the future.

The Truth about nine9

Nine9 markets itself as a talent agency but has been accused of being a scam due to several concerning factors:

  • No physical office or talent agents – Most legitimate talent agencies have a physical office and employ agents to represent clients. Nine9 lacks this.
  • No industry relationships or opportunities – Nine9 claims to get clients modeling/acting work, but there’s no evidence they have genuine relationships with industry contacts like casting directors.
  • High upfront fees – Talent agencies typically don’t charge high fees upfront before securing client work. Nine9 charges hefty fees with no guarantee of obtaining employment.
  • Misleading claims – Nine9 is accused of exaggerating claims of opportunities they can offer and using questionable marketing tactics.
  • Negative reviews – There are many online complaints about Nine9 failing to deliver on promises, being unresponsive, and providing no meaningful opportunities.
  • Lack of credentials – Nine9 does not appear to have the licenses or legal standing of a legitimate talent agency.

Overall, the lack of infrastructure, credentials, industry relationships, and many negative experiences suggest Nine9 is likely a scam and not a natural talent agency. People looking for representation should avoid them.

The Verdict: Nine9’s Legitimacy Remains Subjective

Whether Nine9 is legit ultimately boils down to individual experiences and expectations. While some users have found success and satisfaction, others have encountered challenges and disappointments. To form your opinion, conducting extensive research, comparing different sources, and carefully weighing the pros and cons before committing to the agency is advisable.


In conclusion, the journey to success in the entertainment industry is never without its uncertainties. As you navigate the world of talent agencies, remember to stay vigilant, keep an open mind, and prioritize your goals and well-being. Whether you choose Nine9 or explore other opportunities, be persistent, stay positive, and trust your abilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is Nine9 a guaranteed pathway to fame and stardom?
  • While Nine9 may offer opportunities, success in the entertainment industry depends on various factors, including talent, hard work, and timing.
  1. Does Nine9 guarantee bookings for actors and models?
  • Nine9 provides access to casting calls and auditions, but securing roles ultimately depends on individual talent and suitability for specific projects.
  1. Are the fees charged by Nine9 justified?
  • The fees may vary depending on the services provided. Evaluating the benefits offered and considering them in light of your career aspirations is essential.
  1. What alternatives are there to Nine9?
  • There are numerous talent agencies in the industry. Research and compare different agencies to find the best fit for your career goals.
  1. Can I trust online reviews about Nine9?
  • Online reviews can be insightful, but it’s essential to consider a range of opinions and cross-reference information for a well-rounded perspective.
  1. Are there success stories from Nine9 members?
  • Yes, some members have reported success stories and opportunities gained through Nine9. However, experiences vary from person to person.
  1. What precautions should I take before joining any talent agency?
  • Always research thoroughly, seek recommendations, read reviews, and understand the terms and conditions before signing up with any agency.
  1. Does Nine9 offer any training or coaching services for aspiring talent?
  • Nine9 provides resources and guidance to help talent develop their skills and improve their chances in the industry.

Remember, your journey in the entertainment industry is unique, and your decisions will shape your path. Take time, stay informed, and trust your instincts while pursuing your dreams.

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