Is patientnotebook legit or a big scam? review

Is Patientnotebook Legit? What You Need to Know

So you’ve heard about and wondered, “Is patientnotebook legit?” This is an important question to ask whenever you encounter a new website. In this article, we’ll explore what a patient notebook is, look at some key factors that indicate legitimacy, and provide some final thoughts to help you determine if a patient notebook can be trusted.

What is Patientnotebook?

Patient Notebook is an online platform that allows people to store their medical records and health information digitally in one place. Users can enter details about their medical history, medications, test results, appointments, and more on the site. This information can be accessed anytime by logging into their account.

Some key features of the patient notebook include:

  • Secure storage of medical records online
  •  Ability to share documents with healthcare providers
  •  Option to add emergency contacts and share access
  •  Medication tracking and reminders
  •  Appointment calendar and reminders
  •  Symptom journaling and health-tracking tools

The service aims to help people manage their health more efficiently and have improved continuity of care. It puts people in control of their records rather than relying solely on individual clinics and hospitals.

Is Patient Notebook Considered Safe?

Now that we’ve looked at some of the critical factors, here’s a summary of how patient notebook stacks up:

  • Has been around for 10+ years – this is a well-established company
  •  Most reviews from users are positive – people seem largely satisfied
  •  Uses encryption and has privacy policies – they take security and privacy seriously
  •  You control how your data is shared – this puts you in the driver’s seat
  •  Provides customer support contact info – easy to get help if needed

The biggest drawback is the need for ownership transparency – knowing exactly who’s behind the site would be nicer.

Overall, patient notebook appears legitimate and safe, especially compared to many online services. However, there is no 100% guarantee when sharing sensitive medical information online.


Determining the legitimacy and safety of online services often comes down to looking at factors like company reputation, length of time in business, security measures, privacy policies, and ownership disclosure. While not perfect, patient notebook scores reasonably well across many of these benchmarks. Maintaining a healthy level of caution, reviewing terms thoroughly, and using strong passwords and two-factor authentication are advised. With intelligent practices, tools like patient notebook can offer convenient benefits to healthcare consumers looking to better track and control their medical records.


What type of medical records can I store in a patient notebook?

You can store a wide variety of medical records and health data on patient notebook. This includes medical conditions, medications, allergies, test results, imaging reports, immunizations, medical visit summaries, dental records, and more. You can also track health stats like blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, symptoms, and appointments.

Is my data on the patient notebook HIPAA compliant?

Patientnotebook states that they use 256-bit SSL encryption for data security and are HIPAA compliant. However, you’ll want to read their detailed privacy policy to understand exactly how your data may be used or shared. As with any online service, there are no absolute guarantees of privacy.

Can I access my patient notebook records offline?

Patientnotebook does not currently offer an offline access option for medical records. It would help to have an internet connection to log into your account and view your data. However, you can download individual documents or your complete medical history and save copies to your device or external hard drive for offline access.

How far back can I enter the previous medical history in the patient notebook?

You can enter medical history and records in a patient notebook as far back as you wish. There are no limits to how old the information can be. Entering thorough medical history can help provide healthcare providers with a more complete view of your health over time.

Can I import records from my healthcare providers to the patient notebook?

Unfortunately, the patient notebook does not support importing external records directly from your healthcare providers’ systems. You need to add each item manually. However, you can upload scanned or downloaded PDF documents from doctor visits to store copies of external records.

Is there a fee to use the patient notebook?

Patientnotebook offers free and paid subscription options. The free version allows you to store basic health information. The paid Plus version ($9.99/month) offers expanded storage, customization, file uploads, data export, and other premium features.

Is my patient notebook account secure?

Patientnotebook uses 256-bit SSL encryption for data security in transit and at rest. They also allow two-factor authentication to enhance account security. However, no data storage is ever 100% secure, so don’t store anything you wouldn’t mind being exposed publicly.

What happens to my data if the patient notebook goes out of business?

This is a significant risk to consider. If patient notebook ceases operations, they say they will provide ways for users to download an archive of their data before the shutdown. However, online services can close suddenly, so always maintain separate backups of critical health information.

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