Is research-polls legit? Review, Scam, Or Safe

Is research-polls legit? In-Depth Review

In today’s digital age, online surveys and polls have become essential to gathering public opinion and insights. However, with the rise of numerous survey platforms, it’s crucial to distinguish between legitimate and potentially fraudulent sources carefully. This article delves into the credibility of Research-polls, a website claiming to conduct surveys, by examining information from various sources and user reviews. We will explore the risks involved, how to identify fake polls and provide expert advice on ensuring the legitimacy of any survey platform.

Research-polls and the Red Flags

According to, has been marked as NOT legit. The website raises a severe cautionary note, warning users that accessing links from Research-polls could lead to identity theft or financial losses. Such alarming signals warrant further investigation to ensure our safety and data protection.

Scamdoc’s Trust Score and User Reviews, a platform that evaluates website trustworthiness using a complex algorithm, rates Research-polls with a moderate trust score of 60%. However, the picture becomes more concerning when considering user reviews on the same platform. The majority of users express doubts about the legitimacy and impartiality of Research-polls’ polling methods. Some even report receiving ‘poll’ text messages from unfamiliar numbers, raising suspicions about the source’s authenticity.

Expert Advice from FiveThirtyEight, a reputable website focusing on data journalism and poll analysis, offers valuable guidance to identify fake polls. They propose a few simple yet effective questions about any poll’s credibility: Who conducted it? How was it born? What questions were asked? When was it done? Transparency and professionalism are critical indicators of a poll’s legitimacy, and any reputable survey platform should readily provide such information.

Caution and Skepticism: The Way Forward

Based on the information gathered from various sources, it’s prudent to exercise caution and skepticism when dealing with Research-polls or any other survey website. Without clear and credible details about their survey methodologies and results, we expose ourselves to potential risks, making our personal information vulnerable to exploitation.

Stay Safe and Ensure Legitimate Polling

To protect yourself from falling prey to fake polls and surveys, consider the following steps:

Verify the Source

Always verify the legitimacy of the survey platform by checking reviews and ratings from trustworthy sources like Scamdoc or Earningabit.

Scrutinize the Methodology

Examine the survey methodology used by the platform. Legitimate surveys should provide transparent information about their data collection methods.

Beware of Suspicious Links

Avoid clicking on unfamiliar links or providing sensitive information unless you are certain about the source’s credibility.

Trust Reputable Pollsters

Prefer polls conducted by reputable organizations or renowned pollsters with a history of credible survey practices.

Be Wary of Unsolicited Messages

Treat unsolicited ‘poll’ text messages from unknown numbers with suspicion. Legitimate surveys are unlikely to approach respondents this way.

Check for Professionalism

Credible survey platforms maintain a professional and informative online presence, clearly stating their purpose and methods.


The internet is a vast realm with genuine and fraudulent players, making it essential to be cautious when engaging with online surveys and polls. Research-polls have raised concerns about its lack of transparency and negative user reviews, signaling potential risks. To ensure the legitimacy of any survey platform, follow expert advice, and adopt best practices. Remember, your data and privacy are invaluable assets that deserve the utmost protection.


Can I trust Research-polls with my personal information?

Given the warnings and negative user reviews, it’s best to be cautious and avoid sharing sensitive data with Research-polls.

Are all online surveys trustworthy?

Not all online surveys are trustworthy. It’s essential to evaluate the credibility of the survey platform before participating.

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