Is spinpaper a legit site or a big scam? review

Is Spinpaper a Legit Site? Let’s Investigate

Ordering essays and other academic papers online has become increasingly popular among students in recent years. With heavy workloads and tight deadlines, looking for a quick and easy way to complete writing assignments is tempting. However, not all writing services operate legitimately; some may even be scams. One such questionable site that students should be wary of is Spinpaper.

What is Spinpaper?

Spinpaper is a paper writing service that provides custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and other academic content. According to their website, they have native English-speaking writers who can complete orders on a wide range of topics and subjects.

At first glance, Spinpaper looks like a legitimate essay-writing company. They have a professional-looking website with many promises about high-quality writing and excellent customer service. However, looking deeper reveals some red flags indicating Spinpaper may not be all they claim to be.

Buyer Beware: Why You Should Be Wary of Spinpaper

There are several concerning issues with Spinpaper that students should be aware of. Here are some of the top reasons to be cautious of this company:

Poor Quality and Plagiarism

One of the biggest complaints about Spinpaper is that the papers they deliver are low quality and often plagiarized. Customers have reported receiving writing that needs to be better researched and written by non-native English speakers. Some essays are even copied wholesale from online sources or other papers.

For students hoping to get well-written, original work, this is unacceptable. Submitting plagiarized essays can lead to severe academic consequences if caught. The poor quality also shows that Spinpaper needs expert writers advertised on their site.

Non-Existent Customer Service

Another common grievance from customers is that Spinpaper needs more customer service or response to complaints. Many students say they could not get a refund or have issues resolved when unhappy with an order. Emails and calls would go unanswered for weeks.

Reliable essay-writing companies should be responsive to their customers and address any concerns. Spinpaper’s lack of communication and resolution is a bad sign.

Refusal of Refunds and Revisions

While most legitimate services will offer refunds or revisions if a customer is unsatisfied, Spinpaper refuses to do either. The company will only issue reimbursements if a paper is on time, plagiarized, or completely off-topic. They also refuse to make revisions, even when explicitly asked by a customer.

Refusing errors or satisfying unhappy customers is a highly suspicious policy. Reputable companies stand by their work and make things right if mistakes happen.

Hidden Fees and Upcharges

Spinpaper advertises low prices on its website, but reviews reveal that multiple hidden fees get added to orders. These include charges for selecting better writers, faster delivery times, specific formatting styles, higher word counts, and more. The fees can increase the total cost significantly.

Deceptive pricing strategies are a red flag when it comes to essay-writing sites. Students need transparent, accurate pricing to budget correctly for these services.

Potentially Fake Reviews

Check out review sites, and you may see glowing 5-star reviews for Spinpaper. However, many of these are suspected to be fake reviews by the company itself. Actual customer reviews on third-party sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber are overwhelmingly negative.

Fake reviews are a tactic used by essay scam companies to trick students into thinking they are legitimate. Students should always verify reviews on independent websites.

Are There Any Alternatives to Spinpaper?

While Spinpaper looks risky, there are trustworthy writing services that students can rely on. Here are a few top recommendations:

  • EssayPro – With over 20 years of experience, EssayPro has a proven track record and transparent policies. They produce high-quality, original writing at fair prices.
  •  PaperHelp – This popular service has served over 1 million students with custom essays and other papers. They guarantee on-time delivery and plagiarism-free work.
  •  EduBirdie – EduBirdie is known for its user-friendly service and strict writer vetting process. They offer 24/7 support and a money-back guarantee.

These services and many others reviewed on sites like provide legitimate options for those seeking essay writing help. They have policies and protections in place to ensure customers receive satisfactory papers.

The Verdict: Avoid Spinpaper!

In summary, Spinpaper exhibits several traits that point to it potentially being a scam essay company:

  • Low-quality, plagiarized writing
  •  Non-existent customer service
  •  Refusal to issue refunds
  •  Hidden fees and upcharges
  •  Potentially fake reviews

Students should avoid ordering papers from Spinpaper and opt for a more trustworthy service. While getting writing help online can be beneficial, you still need to do your research to avoid getting ripped off. Protect yourself by reviewing reviews, policies, and guarantees and verifying credentials before placing an order anywhere.

Your academic success and financial security are on the line, so always proceed cautiously. If in doubt, it’s better to pass on questionable websites like Spinpaper altogether. There are plenty of legitimate, reliable options out there — it pays to take the time to find one that meets your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Spinpaper a scam?

From all the evidence and customer reviews, Spinpaper operates unethically like a scam essay company. They make big promises on quality but need to deliver. Students have also reported being denied refunds and revisions when unhappy, which is highly suspicious behavior.

How can I spot a scam essay writing service?

Some red flags include low prices, stock photo authors, fake reviews, poor grammar/spelling on their site, no contact info, refusal to show credentials, or no satisfaction guarantees. Taking the time to thoroughly vet sites can help avoid scams.

What happens if I pay Spinpaper but don’t get my paper?

Unfortunately, Spinpaper’s policies state they do not issue refunds once an order is placed. This means you would likely lose your money with little recourse. This is why it is so vital to avoid questionable sites.

Are all essay writing services illegal?

Not necessarily. Many legitimate companies provide ethical writing assistance within the bounds of the law. As long as original papers are being created for you, it is usually not illegal—however, plagiarism or submitting bought documents as your work crosses academic honesty policies.

How do I choose the best essay writing service?

Look at third-party reviews, ensure writers are educated native English speakers, confirm upfront pricing with no hidden fees, check for guarantees on quality and delivery, and get free revisions if needed. A reputable service will be transparent and stand behind its work.

What precautions can I take when ordering online?

Do research, use secure payment methods, keep your info private, check for a plagiarism report, read return/refund policies carefully, get order updates, request samples of their work, and ensure you own the rights to the final paper. Being an informed buyer will help avoid problems.

Do essay writing services work?

Yes, when using a verified, trustworthy writing company. The exemplary service will provide custom-written essays that are high quality, well-researched, and original. However, low-quality scam sites should be avoided at all costs. Do your homework to determine which companies are ethical.

What are signs that a paper I purchased needs to be written better?

Watch for bad grammar, spelling mistakes, awkward phrasing, lack of fluidity, unanswered research questions, unsupported arguments, lack of citations, generic content with no original analysis, or failure to meet assignment requirements. These are red flags that something is wrong.

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