is sukehiro legit or a big scam? review

Is Sukehiro Legit?

Hey friend! I noticed you were wondering if Sukehiro is a legit website to buy from. That’s a great question – with so many sketchy sites out there, you want to do your homework before spending your hard-earned money.

As your pal looking out for your best interests, let me walk you through what I learned about Sukehiro so you can decide if it’s the real deal or too risky. This is just between you and me, so let’s dive in!

About Sukehiro

First, Sukehiro sells anime merch like resin statues, clothing, and accessories. At first glance, their site looks slick – but we know looks can be deceiving.

Let’s peek under the hood a bit…

Reasons to Be Wary

Here are a few red flags I noticed that make me cautious about Sukehiro:

New Site

  • Sukehiro’s domain was registered just a few months ago, in April 2023. That’s unusual for a longtime, well-known brand.

No Contact Info

  • Their site has no physical address, phone number, or email address. The only contact option is a web form, which may need a response.

No Social Media Presence

  • They don’t have any social media channels like Facebook or Instagram. That’s strange for a company selling products these days.

Negative Reviews

  • There are very few customer reviews on the site, and most are negative. Complaints include:
  •  Products that look nothing like the pictures
  •  Extremely slow shipping or orders that never arrived
  •  No response from customer service and refusal to issue refunds
  •  Fake discounts and bait-and-switch tactics

The Verdict: Steer Clear

Given all these factors, I suggest avoiding Sukehiro for now. There are just too many red flags all over the place. I’d hate for you to get scammed or receive poor-quality products!

Better Options for Buying Anime Merch

If you’re set on buying sweet anime gear, go with vendors with an established reputation and long history in the industry. Some better options to check out include:

  • RightStufAnime – Huge selection and reliable service since 1987
  •  Tokyo Otaku Mode – Popular Japanese retailer with global shipping
  •  Crunchyroll Store – The official merch store of the Crunchyroll anime platform
  •  AnimeNPC – Fan-favorite store that’s been around since 2004

My advice? Stick with reputable sites like these that have years of happy customer reviews. It’s not worth the risk of buying from shady unknowns like Sukehiro.

I hope these insights help you make the most intelligent decision, friend! Let me know if you have any other questions.


When it comes to a new site like Sukehiro, it’s wise to be cautious until they establish a solid reputation over time. All the missing contact info, lack of reviews, and negative feedback are too big red flags to ignore right now. Use trusted longtime anime merchandise sellers for the best experience and safest purchase. Now get out there and flex your fandom in style – do it safely!


Should I buy from Sukehiro as a new anime merch site?

No, it’s better to be safe and buy from reputable sellers with long histories in the anime industry. As a new site, Sukehiro has too many red flags to recommend buying from them.

What are some examples of reputable anime merchandise sites?

Some better options include RightStufAnime, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Crunchyroll Store, and AnimeNPC. These sites have been around for many years with many positive customer reviews.

What are the risks of buying from a new or unknown anime merchandise site?

Potential risks include:

  • Receiving low-quality or bootleg items.
  • I need to get your order.
  • Lack of responses from customer service.
  • Refusal to issue refunds.
  • Using deceptive bait-and-switch promotional tactics.

Should I avoid sites that don’t list contact information?

Yes, it’s a red flag if a site doesn’t have a physical address, phone number, or company email address listed. This makes it hard to contact them if any issues arise.

What should I check for in anime site reviews?

Read reviews carefully to ensure customers received legitimate items matching the product pictures and descriptions. Also, look for complaints about shipping, customer service, and refunds.

Can I find the same anime merchandise for less on new sites?

Sometimes new sites offer lower prices, but the tradeoff is higher risk. Sticking with established vendors where you know exactly what you’re getting is safest.

What if I already placed an order on Sukehiro? Should I try to cancel it?

Try to cancel the order immediately until Sukehiro establishes a better reputation. If it’s too late, closely monitor your credit card statements and follow up frequently about shipping status.

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