Is Travelfro Legit or a big scam? review

Is Travelfro Legit?

Is Travelfro legit? As more and more travelers turn to online booking sites for cheap flights and vacation packages, it can be hard to tell which companies are trustworthy. Travelfro advertises meager prices for airfare, hotels, cruises, and more. But are the deals too good to be true? Let’s look at Travelfro to find out if it’s a scam or a legit way to save on your next trip.

Travelfro’s Reputation is Mixed

A quick online search turns up travel from legit reviews going both ways. Some happy customers praise Travelfro’s prices and customer service. For example, ElleD on Trustpilot wrote: “Found super cheap flights for an upcoming anniversary trip to Hawaii! The whole process was smooth, and the agent even helped us get a great package deal on the hotel. Recommend!”

However, other reviews complain of potential travel from legit red flags like hidden fees, issues receiving e-tickets, inferior flight options, and more. On Reddit, one user asked: “Has anyone used Travelfro? The prices seem too good to be true, so I’m worried it might be a scam.” Another agreed it seemed sketchy.

So Travelfro’s reputation seems mixed, with some good experiences and some bad. Let’s analyze a few key factors to help determine if it’s trustworthy or risky.

Travelfro’s Prices Seem Almost Too Low

When comparing Travelfro to significant booking sites like Expedia and Priceline, its airfare and hotel rates seem suspiciously cheap. For example, a monthly roundtrip flight from New York to Paris is $250 on Travelfro versus $500 on Expedia. The drastic difference makes me pause.

While scoring a super low rate is the goal, unbelievable prices can sometimes indicate the deal is too good to be true. Compare Travelfro’s prices against other sites to see how much you’re supposedly saving. If it seems drastically lower than competitors, proceed with caution.

Transparency About Additional Fees is Lacking

On top is travel from legit complaints is hidden or unexpected fees added to the final price. Customers think they’re getting an unbelievable deal only to find the total cost is higher than initially advertised.

Travelfro does say taxes and fees are the responsibility of the traveler. However, some reviews claim additional obscure fees were tacked on after the fact. Or fees that competitors include upfront were added later in the booking process.

It’s a red flag when a company isn’t upfront about the full cost. Make sure to vet the total price carefully before providing your payment info.

Some Report Issues Receiving E-Tickets

Another worrying complaint is customers not receiving e-tickets or trip confirmations after booking through Travelfro. With documentation, you can take the trip you paid for.

Some negative reviews report calling customer service multiple times asking for trip documents but never getting them. Others said they had to urgently buy new last-minute tickets on another site after Travelfro failed to provide them.

These complaints put Travelfro’s reliability and customer service in question. Follow up proactively and aggressively if you are still waiting to receive confirmations quickly after booking.

Research Travelfro Outside Its Own Site

Travelfro’s website shows glowing reviews and perfect ratings. But it’s wise to read reviews on impartial third-party sites to get balanced feedback. Two good sources are Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.

On Trustpilot, Travelfro has 2 out of 5 stars based on 100+ reviews. On the BBB site, it has 1 out of 5 stars and an “F” rating with over 50 complaints. These poor grades on reputable review sites are concerning.

Checking impartial sources for real customer experiences lets you make a well-informed decision about Travelfro. Please don’t rely solely on its own curated reviews.

The Bottom Line on Travelfro

After analyzing reviews and Travelfro’s pricing/business practices, some definite risks are involved with using the site. While some customers have had positive experiences scoring fabulous deals, others report travel from legit concerns.

The rock-bottom prices may be tempting, but they are often too good to be true. Travelfro seems to need more transparency about total costs and fees. Some have also had issues getting tickets and trip documents after booking.

These potential red flags suggest travelers should be very cautious about using Travelfro. It may sometimes deliver but carries more risk than reputable competitors. Thoroughly vet prices, fees, and company reviews before booking. And confirm all trip documents promptly after paying to ensure you get to travel.

Proceed with extreme care and skepticism with this questionable website. You may score an unbelievable deal but also risk losing your money and being left scrambling. Avoid heartache and travel issues by booking with trusted providers with a strong reputation for transparency, reliability, and service.

Don’t take chances with iffy websites like Travelfro that seem “too good to be true.” Booking travel should be smooth sailing – not a rocky risk! Check reviews, compare all costs, scrutinize policies, and follow up aggressively. This helps ensure your dream vacation takes off without a hitch.

Safe travels! These travel from legit tips help you make the most intelligent booking decisions and avoid scams. Let me know if you have any other questions!


Booking travel online can reap significant rewards through convenience and discounted pricing. But you also have to watch out for sketchy websites making unbelievable claims. Travelfro advertises amazing deals but has concerning reviews reporting potential scams, hidden fees, and lack of customer service.

While some have scored deals using Travelfro, many others faced significant issues, from undelivered tickets to hidden charges. Proceed with extreme caution and thoroughly vet all aspects of Travelfro before booking. Make sure to compare prices against major sites, read impartial reviews, confirm total costs, and follow up aggressively for trip documents.

The old saying holds – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Stick to reputable travel providers with transparency and vital customer service. Avoid heartache and ruined trips by saying no to questionable websites like Travelfro that carry many red flags. Do your homework and book wisely! Safe travels.

FAQs About Travel from

Is Travelfro legit or a scam?

Travelfro has concerning reviews reporting scam issues like hidden fees, booking problems, and terrible customer service. While some have gotten deals, it carries red flags, so proceed cautiously.

How are Travelfro’s prices so low?

Travelfro advertises incredibly cheap airfare and hotels compared to major booking sites. The rock-bottom pricing seems too good to be true – make sure to vet total costs closely.

What do customers say about Travelfro?

Reviews are mixed. Some report great deals and service. But many others cite problems with added fees, undelivered tickets, inferior booking options, and no customer support.

Should I book with Travelfro?

It’s precarious. Travelfro may deliver in some cases but also poses major red flags. You could land an unbelievable deal or lose your money completely. Proceed with extreme skepticism and caution.

What are some Travelfro red flags?

Low prices that undercut all competitors, lack of transparency about total fees, bad reviews for service issues, and failure to provide trip documents to customers after booking.

How can I avoid a Travelfro scam?

Carefully compare Travelfro’s prices and fees with other significant sites. Read impartial reviews off Travelfro’s website. Confirm you receive all booking documents promptly before your trip.

What should I know before using Travelfro?

According to many reviews, Travelfro has severe risks with the potential for scams, hidden fees, and terrible service. Approach cautiously, thoroughly vet all details, and confirm trip documents ASAP.

Is it safe to book with Travelfro?

No, it seems very risky based on pricing analysis, policies, reviews, and complaints. You could get scammed or be left scrambling without trip documents. Booking with a reputable provider is much safer.

What precautions should I take with Travelfro?

Scrutinize prices, read impartial reviews like on Trustpilot, aggressively follow up to confirm bookings and documents, compare policies to reputable providers, and contact your credit card if scammed.

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