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Is Vroxe Legit?

Hey there! I wanted to chat with you about because I have some information that might help you decide whether it is a legit or a dodgy website to buy from. 😊

According to the web search results, is a website that claims to sell waterproof jackets and other outdoor clothing at meager prices. However, several red flags suggest that is not a trustworthy website, such as:

Questionable Domain History

  • The domain name was registered only six months ago, a very short time for an online business. Most legit e-commerce sites have domain histories of at least 2-3 years.

No Contact Information

  • The website does not provide any contact information, such as phone number, email address, or physical address. Legit businesses should be transparent by listing their contact details.

No Customer Reviews

  • The website does not have any customer reviews, feedback, or testimonials. With reviews, it’s possible to tell if real customers have shopped there and been satisfied.

Generic Template

  • The website uses a generic template with many spelling and grammatical errors. High-quality stores invest in custom website design.

No HTTPS Security

  • The website does not have a secure HTTPS connection, so your personal and financial information could be compromised. All legit sites should use SSL certificates nowadays.

So Is Vroxe A Scam?

With so many red flags, will likely be a scam site. Their goal seems to be ripping off customers by taking orders and payment but never delivering any products.

Many scam sites like Vroxe pop up quickly, offer unbelievable deals, and then vanish just as quickly once they’ve made their money. They count on the excitement of getting an amazing discount overcoming common sense. 😟

What Should You Do?

I advise avoiding buying anything from and instead finding a reputable outdoor gear retailer online. There are plenty of great options for quality jackets and clothing without all the risks of this questionable site.

Legit Shopping alternatives

Here are some tips for finding legit sites to shop at safely:

Look for Established Brands

Stick to well-known outdoor brands like The North Face, Patagonia, Columbia, etc. Their official sites are guaranteed to be legitimate.

Read Customer Reviews

Research thoroughly and read buyer reviews on sites like Trustpilot before purchasing from a new retailer. This helps avoid scams.

Use Secure Checkout

Only enter payment details on HTTPS sites and look for padlock icons. This encrypts your information to prevent hacking.

Pay With a Credit Card

A credit card allows you to dispute any fraudulent charges, unlike alternatives like wire transfers.

Trust Your Gut

If an unknown site seems too good to be confirmed with prices, trust your instincts and avoid using it.

By following these tips and trusting your gut instincts, you can safely find great deals at legitimate retailers! Avoid the risks of scam sites like Vroxe.


Based on many red flags, appears to be a highly dubious website that should be avoided. Shopping there would put you at risk of non-delivery and potential fraud or theft of your personal information.

Instead, I recommend taking the safer route of buying from well-established outdoor brands and double-checking reviews first. Although it means passing up on unbelievable deals that seem too good to be true, protecting yourself is the top priority.

This overview has helped provide some guidance about whether Vroxe is legitimate to shop with. Stay savvy out there! 😁


Is Vroxe located in the UK?

Vroxe does not list physical business addresses or locations on its website or domain registration records. The site appears to be run anonymously, so its location is unknown. This lack of verified company details is a warning sign.

How do the prices compare to major retailers?

Vroxe claims to offer jackets for 80% or more off typical retail prices. These types of huge discounts are unrealistic for legitimate businesses to provide. It’s likely a scam tactic to lure in customers.

Are there any positive Vroxe reviews?

There are no reviews from verified purchasers or mentions of Vroxe on trustworthy independent consumer review sites. The complete lack of studies for their claimed products and prices is suspicious.

Does Vroxe offer secure payment methods?

No, Vroxe only allows PayPal or bank transfers for payments. Credit cards and secure processors like Stripe that offer buyer protections are unavailable. Bank transfers carry a significant risk of loss in scams.

Is there a way to contact Vroxe support?

The site shares no phone number, email, contact form, or physical address for customer service. This need for more support channels is problematic for shoppers with an issue.

How long do orders take to ship?

Vroxe does not provide shipping time estimates, return policies, or guarantees on its website. Standard delivery times are a sign customers can expect accurate fulfillment.

Are the product images stolen from other sites?

Yes, a Google image search reveals their product photos are taken from AliExpress and other dropshipping sites. They are not unique images of actual Vroxe stock.

Should I trust the positive reviews on their site?

No, the few positive reviews shown directly on Vroxe are fake. They need actual customer details and specifics while sounding promotional. All legitimate sites display 100% honest and unedited reviews.

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