is vrsla legit or a big scam? review

Is VRSLA Legit? The Truth About This Viral Jewelry Company

VRSLA has become an internet sensation seemingly overnight. Their jewelry ads are all over social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Their pieces are eye-catching and have accessible price points. But is VRSLA legit? Or is it just another online scam?

What is VRSLA?

VRSLA stands for Viral Retail Store Lifestyle Accessories. The company sells affordable jewelry through its website and social media. They claim to offer real gold, silver, and gemstone pieces starting at just $20.

VRSLA is based out of the UK and Dubai. Their website says they have served over 20,000 customers worldwide.

VRSLA’s Reputation: The Good

There are some positive signs about VRSLA’s business.

They Have a Professional Website

The VRSLA website looks well-designed and functional. Their product listings have high-quality images. They offer detailed information about jewelry materials, sizes, and care instructions. This gives them a sense of legitimacy.

Positive Reviews Exist

Some customers claim to be happy with their VRSLA purchases. Some positive reviews can be found on their Instagram and TikTok accounts. There are also a few 5-star ratings on third-party sites like Trustpilot.

Satisfied customers praise the affordable prices and say their jewelry arrived as advertised. One woman said her VRSLA necklaces “looked so expensive” even though they cost her under $30.

Wide Selection of Trendy and Timeless Styles

VRSLA offers a large inventory of jewelry at a range of price points. They sell classic staples like hoops and chain necklaces. But they also have bolder styles that follow current trends. Their selection includes something for everyone.

Reasons for Caution: The Bad

However, there are also some concerning signals about VRSLA’s legitimacy. Customers should approach with caution.

Negative Reviews Exist Too

While some people praise their purchases, others claim VRSLA is untrustworthy. Negative reviews exist on sites like Trustpilot and Reddit.

Some report never receiving orders. Others say their jewelry broke immediately or turned skin green. Several customers tried getting refunds but needed help to reach VRSLA’s customer service.

Vague Company Background

While VRSLA claims to operate out of the UK and Dubai, they provide few other specifics. Searching online yields no evidence of a parent company. Their “About Us” page is vague. These are potential red flags.

Pricing Seems Too Good to Be True

VRSLA’s low costs for solid gold and gemstone jewelry raise suspicions. Pieces are listed for a fraction of what similar items cost from other retailers. This makes their pricing seem unrealistic.

Investigating VRSLA’s Products: The Reality

To determine whether VRSLA is legit, we must examine its actual jewelry quality. Their wares may reveal the truth.

Materials May Not Be Real

Several customers report receiving items made with fake metals and stones. Gold-plated and cubic zirconia jewelry is sold daily as solid gold and gemstones. This is illegal and unethical.

Independent testing would be needed to confirm. But VRSLA’s improbably low prices suggest inferior materials.

Pieces Appear Cheaply Made

Beyond materials, many customers say VRSLA’s jewelry looks and feels cheap. Necklaces have flimsy chains. Rings have low-quality settings prone to falling apart. Stones lack sparkle and fall out easily.

For the prices VRSLA charges, better construction quality should be expected.

Items May Arrive Damaged

Complaints of receiving broken jewelry are common. Rings show up scratched or welded together. Necklaces have detached pendants. Earrings come as just a single instead of a pair.

Quality control and packaging need improvement to prevent damage.

VRSLA’s False Advertising

VRSLA promotes its jewelry as top-notch in quality. But customer reviews suggest the opposite is true. This means they are falsely advertising their products.

Real Materials Are Promised

Product listings repeatedly say solid gold, sterling silver, and genuine gemstones are used. These promises of precious materials lure customers in.

But real metals and stones are likely not being utilized based on VRSLA’s improbably low costs and negative reviews. False advertising is present.

Lifetime Guarantees Are Misleading

VRSLA offers a “lifetime guarantee” on their jewelry. This implies superb construction and materials that will last.

In reality, many pieces fall apart rapidly. And customers report VRSLA does not honor returns or the “lifetime guarantee.” So this promise is meaningless.

High-Quality Photos Hide Flaws

Glamorous photos make VRSLA jewelry look luxe online. Dramatic lighting and models help conceal cheap manufacturing.

Customers routinely complain pieces look different from the beautiful photos once received. Deceptive photography is used.

Questionable Customer Service

Another major issue VRSLA needs is better customer service. This casts further doubt on their legitimacy as a company.

Difficult to Contact

While VRSLA lists a customer service email on its website, buyers say messages go unanswered. Their social media accounts also rarely respond to unhappy customers.

Being impossible to contact is a significant sign of a shady business. Licensed brands typically have responsive customer service teams.

Returns Are Challenging

The brand offers a 30-day return policy. But customers report VRSLA makes returning flawed or unwanted items difficult. Many need help getting refunds even when eligible under the return policy’s terms.

A strict no-exchange policy is also enforced, which adds financial risk for buyers. Returns should be simple for a legitimate retailer.

Zero Resolution

Even when customers do get in contact, VRSLA appears unable or unwilling to resolve issues. Complaints should be addressed. Replacement products rarely get sent. The problems only compound.

A trustworthy company would rectify orders gone wrong. VRSLA does the opposite.

Is VRSLA Ultimately Legit?

VRSLA shows signals of a valid business, like a professional website and happy reviews. But too many red flags exist, including misleading advertising, low quality, and terrible customer service.

We advise extreme caution when considering this viral brand. Do your research before purchasing. Seek out independent reviews of actual products. And pay via a protected method in case a refund is needed.

Buying from VRSLA comes with risks. Their jewelry may arrive looking and feeling different from what is advertised. Trusted retailers like Mejuri and AUrate are better options for more dependable, affordable jewelry. Protect yourself by making informed purchasing choices.


Based on poor quality merchandise, false advertising, and lack of customer support, VRSLA seems high-risk at best. Fashion lovers are likely best off shopping elsewhere for affordable jewelry they can trust. Carefully vet any viral brand before hitting purchase. Paying close attention to reviews from real customers is the most brilliant move.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is VRSLA real gold and diamonds?

According to many customer reviews, the gold and diamonds sold by VRSLA are likely not solid gold or natural diamonds. The company advertises precious metals and gemstones, but quality needs to improve based on complaints of tarnishing, damage, and fabrication. Independent testing would be required to confirm. But buyers should beware of VRSLA’s claims around luxury materials.

Does VRSLA have good reviews?

VRSLA has a mix of reviews, some positive and some decisively negative. Positive VRSLA reviews can be found sprinkled across the brand’s social channels. But trusted third-party sites contain primarily lousy feedback about quality, customer service, and false advertising by VRSLA. Potential buyers should weigh all reviews carefully before purchasing.

Is VRSLA worth the money?

For most customers, VRSLA is not worth the money. Many report receiving damaged or cheaply made jewelry that looks different from the photos. Even VRSLA’s affordable prices should be lowered according to dissatisfied buyers, considering the poor construction and materials. Complaints about terrible customer service prove that VRSLA is likely not worth the cost.

Is VRSLA jewelry durable?

VRSLA jewelry does not appear durable or well-constructed based on customer complaints. Even pieces advertised as “lifetime guarantee” or real solid gold have been reported to tarnish, break apart, and contain fake stones. The jewelry seems unlikely to withstand daily wear. For long-lasting, affordable jewelry, shoppers should explore alternative brands.

Can you return VRSLA jewelry?

VRSLA claims to have a 30-day return policy. But many customers need help getting refunds approved even when eligible under the terms. Replacement items are also rarely sent successfully. Returns with VRSLA appear incredibly challenging, so buyers should wait to purchase, expecting easy exchanges or refunds.

Does VRSLA have an official website?

Yes, VRSLA’s official website is However, the website contains misleading information, like VRSLA’s social media channels. Customer photos show the jewelry looks nothing like the official glamorous product images. The VRSLA website should be approached with skepticism, like all their advertising.

What is VRSLA’s shipping time?

VRSLA estimates a shipping time of 3-5 business days. But many buyers complain orders take weeks or never arrive at all. Clients must rely on something other than VRSLA’s advertised shipping estimates. Delayed shipping is one more red flag about this company.

Can you call VRSLA customer service?

No, VRSLA does not appear to offer phone support. They list only an email address for customer service contact. Even emails frequently need to be answered, according to buyers. Calling VRSLA is not an option. Lack of direct customer service and resolution is one of the most concerning issues with VRSLA.

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