Is Klevars Legit Or a Big Scam? Review

Is Klevars Legit? Let’s Investigate

So you came across this Klevars store that claims to sell amazing deals on shoes and more. But before you get too excited, it’s wise to ask: is Klevars legit?

I get it. When something seems too good to be true, it often is. But how can you tell if an online store is the real deal or just out to scam you? I’ve done some digging on Klevars so we can figure this out together.

The Address Doesn’t Check Out

First things first, I tried to verify Klevars’ company address. Their website states they’re based out of a New York City address.

When I looked up that address on Google Maps, though, there were no Klevars. It is a regular residential building. Primary red flag number one! What kind of company doesn’t have an actual business address?

Copied Content

Next, I compared Klevars’ website and policies to other online stores. Parts of their content appear to be copied word-for-word from other shady websites known for ripping people off.

For example, their “About Us” page contains a story about the founder, identical to three other scammy shoe sites. Red flag number two – lack of original content! Legit businesses put effort into their unique branding.

The Refund Policy Is Ridiculous

Now let’s talk returns and refunds. According to Klevars’ policy, you only have two days to return an item, and you have to pay for return shipping. Plus, they get to charge a “restocking fee.”

What kind of refund policy makes their customers pay to return faulty or incorrectly shipped items? This seems highly fishy and customer-unfriendly. Red flag number three!

Negative Customer Reviews

At this point, I checked out customer reviews of Klevars. I found dozens of 1-star ratings from angry buyers claiming they never received their orders.

Others said the shoes they eventually got after months of waiting were cheap knock-offs that fell apart quickly—significant red flag number four – tons of negative reviews. A good company wouldn’t have so many dissatisfied customers.

The Website Is Brand New

Finally, I looked up when was first registered as an active website. Records show it was written less than six months ago.

So this company just appeared out of nowhere recently and suddenly has a massive inventory of trendy shoes at unbelievable prices? Red flag number five! This is highly abnormal and questionable for an established legitimate business.

My Verdict: Klevars is Not Legit

After going through all these facts – the sketchy address, plagiarized content, strict refund policy, bad reviews, and new unverified website – I have to conclude Klevars is not a legit retail company.

There are too many red flags to trust with your money or information. I recommend you avoid this site and shop for shoes elsewhere through reputable sellers. I know those fantastic deals seemed too good to be true – because they are!

Steer Clear of Potential Scams

Be wary of any retailers that…

  • Have no actual, verifiable address
  •  Copy content from other sites
  •  Make returns difficult or expensive
  •  Have primarily bad reviews
  •  Are brand new companies with a vast inventory

These are telltale signs you’re likely dealing with a scam. Protect yourself by researching thoroughly and trusting your gut. If an offer gives you a bad feeling, move on.


After a thorough investigation, Klevars is not a legitimate retail business. Between the suspicious address, plagiarized content, strict refund policy, an avalanche of negative reviews, and brand new unverified website, this online shoe store has too many red flags to trust with your hard-earned money. Always vet an unfamiliar website thoroughly and trust your gut. If an offer appears unrealistic, it likely is. Stick to reputable retailers you know and feel good about supporting. With sound judgment, you can safely continue shopping online and avoid scams.


Is Klevars real or fake?

Based on all the red flags outlined above, Klevars appears to be a fake/scam company, not a legitimate shoe retailer.

Should I order from Klevars?

I recommend ordering from something other than Klevars since it’s highly likely an untrustworthy scam site that won’t deliver what you ordered.

How can I get scammed by Klevars?

Klevars can scam people by taking orders and paying but never shipping the items. Or they might ship cheap knock-offs instead of the actual product advertised.

Are the shoes on Klevars authentic?

It’s doubtful the shoes on Klevars are authentic. They are probably counterfeit items being passed off as name-brand shoes.

Can I get my money back if I order from Klevars?

You likely will not get your money back if you order from Klevars based on their strict, unfair refund policy and the reports of orders never arriving.

Is there an actual company address for Klevars?

No, the New York address listed on Klevars’ website appears to be a residential building not associated with any company called Klevars.

When was created?

Records show the domain was registered less than six months ago, meaning this is a new website masquerading as a long-standing company.

Are there other red flags for Klevars?

Additional red flags include copied content from other scammy sites, overwhelmingly negative customer reviews, and seemingly unrealistic inventory/prices for a new unknown company.

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