Is legit Or A Big Scam? Review

Is Shealto.Shop Legit?

With online shopping becoming increasingly popular, it’s essential to identify legitimate e-commerce websites from scam ones. In this article, we’ll look closely at and examine the evidence to determine if it is a legit website you can trust or a scam you should avoid.

About Shealto.Shop is an online clothing and accessories store with trendy items for women. At first glance, the site looks professional, with beautiful product images and descriptions. However, upon closer inspection, several red flags indicate may not be as legitimate as it claims.

Suspicious Pricing of Products

One immediate giveaway that may be illegitimate is the pricing of products. All items on the site are priced at exactly $68.98, regardless of the product. This is highly unusual and suspicious. Legitimate online stores will have reasonable price variations depending on the product type, brand, materials, etc. The consistent pricing raises doubts about the validity of the store.

Lack of Contact Information

Another warning sign is the total lack of any identifiable contact information on No phone number, physical address, email address, or company details are provided. The only way to get in touch is through a contact form on the website. Opaque contact details are a red flag for a scam site. Legitimate businesses should provide transparency by listing their actual location and contact points.

No Secure Checkout Process does not have HTTPS protection during the checkout process. Any information entered, like names, addresses, and credit card details, is potentially at risk. Secure connections are essential for safe online shopping. The lack of it worries and hints that the site may be capturing data for nefarious purposes.

Poor Reviews and Complaints

There are poor ratings and reviews for on trusted review sites like Trustpilot. One hundred percent of reviewers gave just 1 star and labeled the site a scam or fraud. Many mention credit card fraud after purchasing and never receiving items. Negative feedback from multiple buyers is a solid indicator of staying away from the store.

Generic Website Design

While looks slick on the surface, a closer examination shows a generic site layout standard to scam websites. There is minimal unique branding, the product descriptions are vague, and policies around shipping and returns are unclear. A custom, polished look is what you expect from authentic sites.

Too Good to Be True Discounts

At first glance, the product prices seem like amazing deals. However, absurd discounts or sales are manipulated by illegitimate websites to lure shoppers. If the prices seem too good to be true, they usually are. Genuine retailers cannot sustain such deep discounts regularly.

Main Takeaway

Based on these multiple red flags, appears to be a scam website that customers should be wary of. The evidence points to an illegitimate online store selling products they likely do not even have. Your personal and financial information would be hazardous if you engage with this site. It’s best to avoid altogether.

FAQs Related to Shealto.Shop’s Legitimacy

1. Is located in the USA?

There is no verifiable location or address provided by The website claims to ship worldwide, but there are no specifics about where it is based. This lack of transparency is problematic.

2. Does have real customer service?

No, does not appear to have authentic customer service. There is only an online contact form as the method of reaching them. There is no other customer support provided.

3. Is the sizing accurate on

The sizing information on cannot be trusted. With no indication the store ships real products, the sizing charts are meaningless.

4. Can I return items to if I don’t like them?

Their return policy is dubious and unclear. Since they are most likely a scam site, you would not be shipped any actual items to return.

5. Are the product photos on real?

The product images appear to be stock photos, not unique photos of actual merchandise. This fits with the assumption that the store does not have real inventory.

6. Can I trust with my credit card information?

No, should not be trusted with sensitive personal or financial data. Entering this information risks identity theft and credit card fraud.

7. Are the reviews on real or fake?

The few reviews on the site itself appear fake. However, many honest 1-star reviews on Trustpilot confirm it is a scam.

8. Is cheaper than other online stores?

While the prices may seem very cheap, it is a false saving. The rock-bottom prices are a gimmick to attract victims to a scam store.


In summary, based on the suspicious website details, lack of verifiable information, overwhelmingly negative reviews, and general shadiness, is undoubtedly a scam store to avoid. Do not provide this website with personal or financial details, as you will never receive any products in return. Protect your information and money by shopping only with reputable, verified online retailers. Stay vigilant against online shopping scams by looking for these telltale signs of shady websites.

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