Is Legit or A Big scam? reviews

Is Legit or a Scam?

Online shopping can be super convenient – no crowds, no lines, and items delivered right to your door. But it also comes with risks, especially when ordering from unknown sites like When I came across this store recently, I decided to dig into some reviews to see if it’s trustworthy or a scam. Here’s what I found out.

Researching the Reputation of

Whenever I come across a new online shop, the first thing I do is search for reviews. Third-party consumer sites like Trustpilot and SiteJabber are great for finding unbiased reviews from real customers.

The Negative Reviews are Concerning

On SiteJabber, currently has a terrible 1-star rating based on 15 reviews. Many customers call it a “scam” and complain about:

  • Fake tracking information – Orders aren’t shipped or delivered after long waits
  • Missing orders – Items ordered but never received
  • No customer service response – Emails and calls go unanswered

Meanwhile, over on Trustpilot, has an abysmal 1.3-star rating out of just a handful of reviews.

Analyzing the Website Itself

Next, I took a close look at the website itself. Several red flags stood out to me:

No Contact Information

Well-established e-commerce sites always provide phone numbers, emails, business addresses, and live chat options to contact customer service. has none of that.

No Social Media Presence

Legitimate brands these days have Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Twitter profiles, and other social media presence you can check. has zero social profiles.

No Customer Reviews or Testimonials

Reputable online stores prominently display happy customers’ reviews, ratings, and testimonials. does not have any.

Poor Quality Product Photos

The product images look like low-resolution, generic stock photos. This suggests the site may be dropshipping items directly from China.

Reviews from Other Consumer Protection Sites

I also checked other consumer protection sites to gain more insight from reviews:

Kefhala Says “Avoid at All Costs”

This cybersecurity site warns is “suspicious” with many negative signs, including copied web content, fake discounts, no return policy, and no security. They advise avoiding it altogether.

Fortyreviews Calls it “Shady.”

While promotes budget fashion, this review site says it’s too risky due to no contact info, reviews, or poor-quality photos. They advise extreme caution.

The Verdict

My verdict is clear after looking at various reviews and evaluating the site myself. This online shop sets off far too many alarm bells to recommend purchasing anything from it.

Save Your Money and Avoid Frustration

All signs point to being a scam site or, at best, an untrustworthy retailer. I advise sticking with well-known e-commerce sites to avoid losing money and peace of mind.

Do Your Research on New Retailers

Hopefully, this article provides an excellent example of researching an unfamiliar website. Before buying, consider independent reviews, social media, policies, and contact information.


Based on overwhelmingly negative reviews and some major red flags, this is an online retailer I suggest avoiding altogether. Too many customers report never receiving orders or getting the runaround.

Plenty of other great online stores with reasonable prices and customer service. Take your business to reputable sites that offer security, satisfaction guarantees, and genuine support. Then you can shop with confidence instead of playing e-commerce roulette.

I know the temptation of rock-bottom prices, but sites like are too risky. Protect yourself by verifying merchant legitimacy beforehand. Follow the tips in this article to spot shady retailers and find the best places to spend your hard-earned money online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an online women’s and men’s fashion retailer that sells cheap clothing and accessories. However, many negative reviews and red flags indicate it may be an untrustworthy or scam website.

Is legit or a scam?

Based on numerous negative customer reviews and evaluations of the website, shows multiple signs of being an illegitimate scam site that should be avoided.

What are some red flags about

Red flags include no contact information, no social media presence, no customer reviews/testimonials, low-quality product images, copied web content, fake discounts, no returns, and lack of security.

Should I order from

No, I strongly advise against ordering from due to the risks involved as detailed in this article. You are likely to lose your money and not receive your items.

What should I do if doesn’t deliver my order?

Unfortunately, you may have little recourse if does not fulfill your order since they cannot contact them. File a complaint with your payment provider.

Where else can I buy affordable fashion online?

Stick to well-known retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Zappos, and ASOS. Look for sites with solid customer reviews, satisfaction guarantees, secure checkout, and responsive support.

How can I identify scam sites like

Research unfamiliar sites for reviews, social media presence, posted policies/protections, legitimate contact info, and high-quality product photos. Avoid areas with red flags.

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