UAE Labour Complaint Number (Updated)


Finding yourself in a dispute at work can be stressful and confusing. If you believe your employer in the UAE has violated your labour rights, you have the option to file an official complaint. This article will walk through the process step-by-step, from calling the complaint hotline numbers to tracking your case online.

Overview of labour complaints in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) oversees labour rights for all private sector employees in the UAE. MOHRE launched a call center and online/mobile services to make it easier for employees to file grievances against employers. Some common reasons for complaints include non-payment of wages, long working hours, safety violations, visa issues, and termination disputes.

Key phone numbers to know

There are two hotline numbers to call to complain with MOHRE:

  • 600-590-000 – For UAE national employees in the private sector
  • 04-665-9999 – For expatriate employees in the private sector

Keep these numbers handy before you proceed.

Filing a Complaint by Phone

Calling the MOHRE call center is the quickest way to get your labor complaint officially registered. Here’s how it works:

Who to call

UAE nationals working in the private sector should call 600-590-000. All other nationalities in the private sector should call 04-665-9999. Wait times may vary.

Information needed

The call center representative will ask for your details, including your full name, passport number, contact information, and employer’s information. Be ready with all relevant information.

Next steps after calling

The agent will log your complaint and issue a reference number. Track your case online using this number. You will also receive notifications via text message.

Filing a Complaint Online

If you prefer filing your labor complaint digitally, MOHRE provides two options:

Using the MOHRE website

Go to the MOHRE website complaints section and submit your grievance through the online form. Make sure to include all required details accurately.

Using the MOHRE app

Download the MOHRE smart app on your smartphone. Use your UAE Pass to log in securely. Enter your complaint details and submit.

Tracking your complaint

No matter how you filed, you can track updates on your case through the MOHRE website or app by entering your reference number.

What to Know Before Filing

To have the best chance of your complaint being resolved in your favor, keep these tips in mind:

Provide detailed information

Give specific dates, times, locations, and full names of parties involved, and clearly describe the incident from start to finish. The more thorough you are, the better.

Have evidence ready

Whether it’s contracts, emails, photos, or coworker testimonies, provide supporting documents and proof along with your complaint. Evidence goes a long way.

Cooperate fully

Respond promptly if MOHRE contacts you for follow-up details or interviews. Your full cooperation aids the investigation and shows commitment to your case.


Reporting labor disputes can be daunting, but protecting your rights is essential. Call the hotline or file online with MOHRE to initiate the process, and stay on top of your case until resolution. With preparation and persistence, justice can be served.

Summary of main points

  • Contact MOHRE by phone or online to file your complaint
  • Have all personal/employer details and description of the dispute ready
  • Provide evidence like documents and photos whenever possible
  • Follow up and check the status of your case regularly.
  • Cooperate fully with MOHRE throughout the investigation.


What are the MOHRE call center numbers?

The numbers are 600-590-000 for UAE national employees and 04-665-9999 for expatriate employees.

How long does it take to resolve a labour dispute?

It depends on the complexity of the case. Simple issues may take 2-3 weeks, while more complicated cases can take 2-3 months.

Can I file a complaint anonymously?

No, you must provide your details like name and passport number for a complaint to be valid.

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